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We previously published material on TrustCapital LTD and the RJV12 algorithm. We received messages from readers asking us to review this company and the 3% per day they promise to their investors. With this in mind, one of our invited employees, Michael Rider, will tell us whether the RJV12 algorithm is another fraud project or a revolution.

1) Official registration

The company claims that it has been officially registered since 2000 and even provides its registration number 04052641. This data is easy to check, the UK Chamber of Registration provides public information about the companies. Go to the registration chamber website https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/ and look for a company with this number / name. In fact, TRUST CAPITAL LTD is registered under this number. The registration number matches. The registration address matches the address on the company’s website, and Trust Capital was registered in 2000. The company’s last review was on August 14, 2019.

2) Look at the direction

The easiest decision was to go to the business center where the company is located and to visit its office.

It is right next to Wembley Stadium. Next door is a law firm with Oakland LLP lawyers and financial advisors. A security guard came up to us and asked who we were and what we were looking for. We asked about Trust Capital LTD. He said, “Yes, they are here, the entrance is on the corner of the building, but they cannot be reached now.” When asked why, he answered with a surprised look: “Corona virus! The center is temporarily closed, everyone works remotely. “At least I made sure that the company really exists and is located here.

3) Unique patented RJV12 algorithm

I’ve seen the reality of the company, but the main question is whether the product and the earnings they offer are real. The website claims that the algorithm is protected by copyright. If the algorithm is actually copyrighted and the patent is the legal property of the company, this information is available from the UK Intellectual Property Office.

Fortunately, the office worked and I asked for information about the reality of the existence of this patent. To our surprise, we received a copy of the certificate: the patent really exists.

4) Guaranteed income

I didn’t stop here because even if the company and patent exist, where are the legal guarantees that you won’t lose money and that the company will consistently pay you?

Usually there is a “Terms and Conditions” page, the user agreement, which nobody reads and sometimes writes in a small print, mentions that the company is not responsible for the loss of investor funds and that people do not read the rules and then I am sorry, because the user agreement on the website has the same legal force as any paper contract.

If you go to the “Register” section, there is a link to the User Agreement below.

It says:

«TRUST CAPITAL LTD is fully responsible for property damage, loss of profit or business interruption that results from the use of the TRUST CAPITAL LTD platform. We carefully take the necessary measures to protect the trust capital and those in the page ».

It seems that the company really gives a legal guarantee for the promised payments and guarantees the security of the money. At least in the event of unforeseen circumstances, you can go to court and the company will have to pay you money.

5) We check ourselves.

The last thing I wanted to check was the registration on the platform and I made a deposit of 0.3 BTC on April 26th (TX ID: 96fab54c7f792bb011b7f5ad29a41ea22e753ac4760ef776543d2dde9e6e9a5b).

The manager in the support window said that you don’t have to do anything after the deposit and you can withdraw your first profit after 24 hours. On April 27, 24 hours later, we have a profit retirement (TX ID: 4aa29cda05a175c80c54e8a97121cc9a94708428b20df9a91d4187dc6b2835f3) and the next day, April 28 (TX ID: eddbb964e2af853e320992698e2996f55e7e5f8ea8c75fb133a288a76334cda1) and the next day: 748f2c73dbfcac654b582d15d9cdae1367fce2a40f8f948271094926780d9394bcf61bda2e673f83286bd662c22727cc0750dbf314bd75775bb0f5bf176beb0c688517a5028456e319d6e085230ea46a502fc95fa2f7d3de0a1c9c67cbc32ceda6b588fb0c5a4981a1e8699001275f8696a7512ff06e5ce10362293dcc2c4a1c


I also checked the company’s insurance fund, domain registration details, crypto wallets and more. Well, at least until now everything seems to be clean, the facts speak for themselves. To our surprise, we couldn’t find anything that indicated that RJV12 was not working. We will keep you up to date on the project and let you know if anything changes, but in the meantime draw your own conclusions.

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