Find out about 13 ways or strategies for monetization on a blog for those who want to earn cryptocurrencies WordPress. Get some interesting resources too.


Cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular since the start Bitcoin just over ten years ago. Cryptocurrencies may not currently be the most popular payment option among freelancers and content creators. However, they should not be discounted as a competitive advantage for potential sources of income.

With this in mind, we illustrate how it is possible Generate income or earn in cryptocurrencies with a blog in the CMS (Content Manager or Content management system for its acronym in English) WordPress, most commonly used worldwide.

Earn cryptocurrencies with a blog WordPress: 13 shapes

There are endless ways to make money with a CMS. However, DailyBitcoin will focus on today Important monetization strategies, especially for those who want to earn cryptocurrency with a blog at WordPress.

So, if you create a good and successful blog, you may be able to make a substantial living income that can even quit your job.

We’ll go through a list of 13 ways to earn cryptocurrency with a blog WordPress. In the end, we also offer additional resources of interest.

Let’s start with the listing:

1) Accept cryptocurrency payments

Of course the most obvious way to do this Earn cryptocurrency on a blog WordPress would sell a physical or digital product in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

You can even accept them manually, create a wallet address, and make them available to your users.

2) Accept cryptocurrency donations

You may not sell goods or services, but if, for example, you are a multi-year content creator, e.g. You could ask for donations and get your audience to fund your ideas and projects.

There are two different ways you can receive donations Bitcoin on his blog WordPress. With the first, you can get a dollar amount in exchange for the current price of Bitcoin. With the other option you can accept Bitcoin directly into your digital wallet.

2.1) Create the button Donate Bitcoin With Stripes and a plugin

Donations received over StripesProvide the amount of donation you request from your readers in USD and they will send you dollars (after converting from Bitcoin). Stripes calculated 0.8% for successful transaction of BTCwith a limit of $ 5. However, be careful with the transaction fees. The other option is better if you are working with small payments.

To start with this form, we recommend the free plugin WP Simple Pay Lite to the Stripesthat you can start with in just 5 easy steps:

Step 1

Download and install the plugin WP Simple Pay Lite for stripes from the repository of WordPress or check your dashboard WordPress in the “Add newPlugins.

Search for plugin in the repository. Source: Kinsta.Com

step 2

Click on the plugin settings and enter your API key Stripesthat you can get from your account panel Stripes. Then click “save Changes“” You will notice that a “Trial mode”Can remain activated until you have configured everything.

Set up plugin in WordPress. . Source: Kinsta.Com

step 3

Click the Settings tab.General“Fill in the fields, scroll down and click”save Changes“”

Default settings in WordPress. Source: Kinsta.Com

Step 4

You need a “Payment form“” You can see the amount of the donation in “Payment optionsAnd customize the rest of the payment process. The most important thing is that the option “Bitcoin“”

Activation option Bitcoin. Source: Kinsta.Com

Step 5

You can insert a payment button on any page or post it on your website WordPress. Just click the “Insert payment formIn the editor.

Insert payment form. Source: Kinsta.Com

Here’s an example of what the donation surface looks like after you click “Donate Bitcoin“”

Example of a Bitcoin donation in USD. Source: Kinsta.Com

Finally, make sure you go to “Activated”If you haven’t already done this in the configuration.

2.2) Just keep it with a bitcoin address or QR code

If you don’t want to use the above option and want to keep it simple, You can add your address at any time Bitcoin to your website. Or use a QR code generator from Bitcoin free of charge, Download the image and add it anywhere on your website.

Simple option via QR code. Source: Kinsta.Com

3) Allow ads from display networks specializing in cryptocurrencies

The monetization of ads is as old as the internet and still works. Various advertising systems, led by the network of Google AdSensehave ruled the world of advertising. However, there are now special cryptocurrency alternatives that you can join.

Common advertising networks for cryptocurrency include:

As with traditional ad networks, you need to register, create an account, and then install your account snippet (Snippets) of advertising days wherever you want your ads to appear on your website. To the Google AdSenseYou can register a free account here.

4) Payment walls for premium content

The Paywalls or payment walls were used across the Internet. They are somewhat popular in the online newspaper industry, where media companies give away a certain number of free articles before the customer has to start paying.

For example, a reader might stop by your website, read ten articles, and then display a paywall or blocking module that prevents the person from reading more portal posts or the full articles. Bloomberg is such a website.

Bitwall provides the right features you may need for your pAywall from Bitcoin. It offers options for receiving micropayments from its users, especially if you want to set up membership or payment plans for premium content on its website. WordPress.

5) Author rewards about Steemit

If you’re a blogger, you might want to sign up for a crypto-based blog site like Steemit. Then, You can connect your blog from WordPress to your account Steemit via a plugin called SteemPress.

After activation, all your blog posts are automatically published on the Internet Blockchain from Steem and gives the community access to your content. You also get the opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies with a blog WordPress.

6) Affiliate Marketing

There are hundreds of cryptocurrency based affiliate programs. With a little research, you can find the ones that fit your website and business model.

If you are new to affiliate programs, we will explain how they work:

Someone is visiting an article on your website that contains useful information about cryptocurrencies. There you have inserted your special recommendation link (which contains your partner ID), which recommends a product or service from a third-party provider. When the person clicks this link and takes the requested action, you will receive a number of cryptocurrencies.

This is a great way to generate residual income with your website. Simply follow the laws of your country and indicate that you use affiliate links in your content.

As an example of the wide range of partner programs available, see the following:

Preliminary search is a collective and alternative search engine project based on cryptocurrencies. Designed to reward users with every search.

Alternative social media sites are looking for users who can join their platforms. Websites like the one mentioned Steemit and Employed They reward users for recruiting new members for their different platforms. By creating valuable content, you encourage users to follow you and sign in on alternative social media platforms. Every user who logs in receives a reward for their efforts.

  • Cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange is by far the most popular crypto affiliate network. Consequently, Thousands of cryptocurrency content creators use these programs to make moneyto. By encouraging your users to register through these websites and buy cryptocurrencies, you get some of their spending.

The exchange with partner programs includes:

7) Cryptojacking

The Cryptojacking is a technique that uses JavaScript, Plugins or other resources on a website for extracting cryptocurrencies. When a user visits the website and navigates through the content of the page, it is executed JavaScript additionally while your browser is active.

The mining script then runs on every website you visit and does not need to be installed. How the code works JavaScript, is responsible for mining in the browser and uses the resources of his computer to complete the hashes for a mining group.

Should Allow a subscription to your crypto jacking program and inform users that this feature offers and how it works. Otherwise, you could be frowned upon and involved in controversy over the misuse of these types of resources. Some recommended plugins for WordPress are: Simple Monero Miner, WP Monero Miner, replacement change miner and Moonify.

A few months ago, Microsoft blocked mining malware hidden in a photo of the fancy basketball player Kobe Bryant. The malware used a mining script based on the mining service Coinhive. In 2017 the sports website CBS She was accused of mining Monero at the expense of her visitors’ computing power.

8) Guest contributions (Guest post)

Guest posts are a relatively easier form of monetization, but are 100% dependent on your website traffic. The higher the monthly number of sessions, the higher the price you can charge for a single publication.

Blogs with 30,000 sessions per month can charge at least $ 100 to $ 500 per blog post, possibly more, depending on your authority in your niche and the characteristics of the post. If you want to generate a steady stream of earnings from guest publications, You need to make sure you have enough traffic to attract bloggers and website owners. Be diligent in creating quality content and make sure you are active on social media to create your website.

Do not forget Create a service-related page and add it to the footer or main line so your visitors can easily see your willingness to accept guest posts.

9) Sponsored Posts (Sponsored posts)

If your blogging skills meet your desire to make money with cryptocurrencies and you’ve already worked out an audience, you can convince platforms to get paid to write about the services they offer.

You can post reviews on some of the above platforms and create videos from Youtube Teach your audience how to use the platforms or write practical guides and teaching articles.

It would act as a micro-influencer, so it’s important to consider a few things:

  • Your sponsors must be trustworthy platforms or service providers, otherwise you can lose the trust and interest of your audience
  • You need to create effective content, engage your audience and make them want more. Otherwise nobody wants to sponsor your contributions.

10) Perform exchange of cryptocurrencies on your own website WordPress

Add a way to do decentralized trading on your website via WordPress. This can be done with a plugin recently released by Alon Goren, partner of millionaire Tim Drapper.

The plugin or plugin from WordPress Allows website owners to implement crypto exchange from their own platform WordPress. Even, Users can charge fees to generate residual income for the use of the exchange.

At https://www.wpcryptoexchange.com/ you can download and implement the plugin and receive further information.

11) Create digital products and sell them on the blog

You can meet your needs by writing e-books, creating video and audio material, webinars or courses.

With your blog as a business card, you can demonstrate your experience and promote your digital products and skills. The number of cryptocurrencies you can earn in this way is unlimited, except for those that you have set yourself.

12) Drops of air and rewards

Every time a new cryptocurrency is launched or a developer tries to expand its reach, they often distribute coins or tokens for free. New users receive a certain amount of crypto, for example by registering with their name and email address. You can earn more by inviting friends through a partner link and doing some tasks.

Of course, there is no guarantee that you can ever exchange these currencies for real money. Everything will depend on the development of the project.

13) Hosting crypto events

If your blog receives decent traffic and has made a name for itself locally at least, you can host and host crypto events.

Depending on the event and how well you advertise it, you can charge your participants a lot of money.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a national or international event. You can organize events in your city and expand them later when the opportunity arises.

Bonus: Advice specializing in crypto and related services

This is another way to make money with cryptocurrencies that require extensive knowledge and experience. There are many people who are willing to invest large sums of money in cryptocurrencies, even if they don’t know much about it.

You will pay for expert advice so that you can become such an expert if you want. In a way, your blog could also be a great business card, an opportunity for you to show off your expertise and attract new customers.

Resources of interest

Below is a list of resources, tools, and links that may be of vital interest to you. If you want to monetize a blog WordPress and earn in cryptocurrencies:

The 20 best topics from WordPress specialized in cryptocurrencies in 2020

7 ways to determine if someone is using my PC without cryptocurrency mining permission

2 new blogging platforms that allow users to earn cryptocurrencies.

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Sources: niche market, WP Explorer, Blogging done right, DeCrypt.

Report by Arnaldo Ochoa / DailyBitcoin.

Note: The article you just read contains affiliate links from the author or the medium, which receive a low fee for their registration on one of these platforms.

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