Air protocol (Mexico), SharpShark (Chile), Lovecrypto (Brazil) and TRUSTartup (Colombia) are part of the startups finalists in the blockchain accelerator program Celo Camp.


Four Startups Latin American women are among the 18 finalists of Zeal camp, an accelerator for projects Blockchain organized by Upright y zeal. Air protocol (Mexico), SharpShark (Chile), Lovecrypto (Brazil) and TRUSTartup (Colombia), were positioned among the program’s finalists after competing with more than 250 teams from 60 countries around the world. This was announced by the organizers of Zeal camp in a blog post.

Blockchain accelerator program

The accelerator program Celo Camp, It was inaugurated this year and is intended as a collaboration and development space for new companies interested in creating applications in the EU Blockchain of zeal. This year zeal was revealed after plans were announced for a very similar project lb of Facebook named Zealous dollars.

In an 8-week virtual training camp Zeal camp will bring teams from all over the world together to promote the principle of zeal: Creating an open financial system in which digital assets are easily accessible to everyone.

The virtual platform Upright, specializing in connecting entrepreneurs through virtual challenges and the open source platform, zeal, Joined together in early February to create the accelerator program. Regarding the collaboration that enabled the creation of the program, Alon Shavit was a co-founder of Uprighthe commented:

“”Celo Camp ”was a very ambitious program. I think together with cLabs we have built up the most important virtual entrepreneurship program in the decentralized area. Celo Camp is a great example of a collaboration with which Upright wanted to expand the decentralized technology development ecosystem“”

Finalist startups Zeal camp

After an intensive coordination and selection process Celo Camps He managed to select a group of 18 innovative finalists from a first list of 251 participants and a second pre-selection of 74 participants. The organization team of the program did not expect such a massive response and participation in the camp:

Reducing the finalists to 18 was not an easy decision[…] Therefore dWe decided to enlarge the camp to 18 and give more teams the opportunity to move forward, especially given the impact of COVID-19 on employment and our economy..

The final selection of the teams was based on 5 criteria: project idea, technical strength, alignment of the project to the mission, traction and commitment of Celo. The final vote by a joint committee of Zeal camp y C Labsmanaged to bring together the 18 participating projects from the USA, Belgium, Ukraine, China, Canada and other countries around the world.

Get to know Latin American projects

Four stand out among them Startups from four countries in Latin America. Represented at Mexico take part Air protocol, a decentralized open source protocol that enables the exchange of assets inside and outside the chain. The team plans to integrate cUSD trading (the Stablecoin of zeal folded on the dollar) with local exchanges.

The finalist Lovecrypto, originally from BrazilCreate an app where users can earn rewards for it in cUSD Micro work. Also plan to customize the app to serve in the current fight against COVID-19 on site. The project from Chile SharpShark, specializing in the protection of digital content, also joined the finalists of Zeal camp.

There are also TRUSTartupfrom Colombia, An independent project that won its place among the finalists and was sponsored by Angel Rendón and Mauricio Tovar. This initiative aims to solve the problem of online advertising fraud. TRUSTartup Build a mobile application that enables you to create a human computing model based on the sensors of mobile devices.

Under the guidance of Paypal and others great

Over the next eight weeks, the 18 finalists will fight to develop their projects with the help of experts and key industry leaders. Anderseen Horowitz, polychain y PayPal They are some of the recognized companies that offer special advice and support to the teams participating in the program.

Challenge winners will receive $ 30,000 distributed as follows: First and second places will receive $ 10,000 and $ 5,000 respectively. The last 3 winners too Zeal principleYou will each receive an amount of USD 2,000.

The challenge Blockchain of Zeal camp This could drive the introduction of digital currencies in Latin America and offer valuable financial solutions to the local population. Undoubtedly an experience that could enable technology developers in the region to further develop and advance their projects.

The goal of the camp is to help these teams build effective and sustainable businesses within the Celo ecosystem. As well as bringing mass acceptance of crypto into the world. It was both exciting and inspiring to see the vision and imagination of what can be built on Zeal. We can’t wait to see how our teams’ trips develop and take shape over the weeks..

The main winners will be announced on June 15th. In the meantime, those who are interested in supporting their favorite local teams can vote on that Zeal camphere.

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Annotation by Hannah Estefanía Pérez / DailyBitcoin

Image from Pixabay


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