Important facts:
  • It’s time to take care of your health and finances and minimize excesses.

  • You need to prepare for the world to come when the coronavirus pandemic passes.

Coronavirus (or COVID-19) has spread worldwide, including most Latin American countries. It has affected countries such as Spain, Italy, China and the United States. As a result, the rest of the countries with fewer resources and less health infrastructure have called on their citizens to quarantine to prevent the virus from spreading further.

Quarantining is not easy, less if you have not had major crises in your countryB. General power outages or protests that force you to protect yourself in your home for a long time.

I could say that, in addition to the fact that I have worked from home for more than two years, the circumstances of Venezuela have made me deal well with this new irregular situation. I think most Venezuelans have since identified with the following meme the norm is unstable here.

Bitcoiner-Bitcoin Quarantine House
Venezuela has gone through several economic crises, food shortages and blackouts.

With the above, I am not trying to give Venezuela, less its government, moral superiority in crisis management, but to reflect how its citizens learned to endure one crisis after another. Even in such a serious situation, we try to treat things with humor because the world keeps turning and doesn’t stop for an individual’s problems.

With this note I would like to give 5 tips on how to deal with this crisis with my family in Caracas, Venezuela.

1. Organize your time and space

Since I’ve been working from home for a long time, I have a fixed work schedule. As content coordinator for CryptoNews, I am dedicated to finding news and supporting reporters in taking their notes from morning to afternoon. I try to work no more than 8 hours and only take breaks. to eat and take care of other needs.

I spend the rest of the day sharing with my wife and son and distracting myself through video games or series. For me it is always necessary to have internet and electricity, services that are more unstable in some regions of Venezuela, if they fail I would devote myself to reading a book.

To work, I have my office in one of the rooms in the house, with a good ergonomic chair to avoid back pain sit for several hours. Finally, I spend a few days buying supplies for the house, and also dedicate myself to learning new things with the digital events that organize various niche communities around the world.

2. Take care of your health and your family

It is important that you spend approximately 45 minutes a day to train in your house, because it is necessary to maintain health. Also You have to take care of mental health because not everyone is used to being locked up in his house with his family for so long. If this is your case, it is best to find activities that distract you from the limitation, be it exercises, learning new things, working at home, or other activities.

It is difficult for some to be in the same place with their relatives. It is therefore important to reorganize the way they carry things around the house and better define each person’s spaces / times. It is straight A good time to improve relationships with your family, get to know them better and learn to live together more harmoniously. This is particularly necessary because we are locked up for a long time.

3. Manage your finances well

Especially when you are not working. In addition to the public health problems associated with COVID-19, it is likely that restricting the economic activities that result from maintaining population quarantine will complicate the finances of many people and businesses. Many who cannot work freely must cut their spending as much as possible to resist their savings as they are unlikely to be able to work.

I reaffirm the need for teleworking. There are many platforms that serve as job houses or job boards freelancer Receive suggestions like: Fiveer, Freelancer, Upwork, Workana, among others.

There are also similar platforms for the Bitcoin branch and other cryptocurrencies that we covered in CryptoNews. The basics of various cryptocurrency projects also have funding systems for different projects with their cryptocurrencies and Some are always looking for staff to make their project known.

One detail to consider is the looming global crisis. It is likely that several countries will eventually ban bank withdrawals to avoid bankruptcy It is important to have cash and even keep bitcoinor Stable coins When, with the volatility of BTC, they are unable to have funds that no institution can stop.

Since these are uncertain times, there is great panic in the markets. Therefore, you need to be generally aware of the markets and have a good appetite for risk to buy Bitcoin, and be able to be calm without having to check every 5 minutes how the price is behaving.

4. Learn new things

Remember that We are not the only ones to quarantine. All countries are doing this more or less at this point. For this reason, many lecturers or experts in various areas are committed to giving Webinars of all kinds. If you want to learn more about Bitcoin, this is the time with so many digital events about Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and blockchain that they offer. It’s just about looking for the topic you want to learn.

On the other hand, CryptoNews offers an extensive cryptopedia that deals with various topics related to Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and blockchain with a fairly pleasant and common tone. We also have a podcast called En Consenso where you can listen to us talking to different experts on different ecosystem issues.

5. Plan your future and the steps to achieve it.

The world keeps turning, even though much of the economic activity has declined. Sooner or later, the effects of the pandemic will subside and activities will resume soon.

thats why We have to prepare for the new future ahead of us. In addition, this idea makes us hopeful and prepares us for what will come. So if you have a skill that you want to develop or build a project, this is the time to do it when conditions allow, or when you plan to run it faster once quarantine is reduced.


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