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There has been a significant number of conspiracy theories and “expert opinions” about the corona virus and its alleged relationship to 5G technology in recent days. What started out as nutshell theory has now grown into a full-blown movement that forces the British government to intervene.

A recently published BBC report has confirmed that Oliver Dowden, the British Minister of Culture, plans to hold meetings with prominent people from various social media to improve his response to conspiracy theories. This is likely to be a particularly hot topic, as the subject of censorship and moderation of content on social media platforms has always been carefully examined by experts.

The 5G corona virus theory is expanding in panic

This topic is particularly important when you consider how delicate it is in these times. The theory allegedly explains that the radiation levels emitted by 5G cell towers are so high that they break down human cells and cause various diseases, including the coronavirus.

The theory also has additional credibility due to the fact that the virus is from China – the only country that has made significant progress with 5G technology.

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None of these theorists, of course, indicate that a virus as infectious as COVID-19 naturally spreads in densely populated cities. There are also arguments for countries like Japan and Iran. These countries suffer from the COVID-19 virus, but have not provided 5G infrastructure.

The rumor got stronger last week when it was able to circulate through social media and trigger massive panic. Popular actor Woody Harrelson shared a post on Instagram about the “negative effects of 5G” and his alleged role in fighting the pandemic.

The post explained that 5G radiation is fueling the spread of the virus, and while Harrelson said he hadn’t investigated the information, he still shared it with his more than two million followers.

As the number of infections and fatalities continues to increase and people are becoming more paranoid about compulsive detention, they have been looking for a way to express their paranoia, and panic has always been the best for them.


Mobile operators suffer the most

Unfortunately, the telecommunications companies that provide 5G infrastructure suffer the most. Last week, the 5G towers in Liverpool, Merling and Birmingham were overturned and burned down due to the 5G conspiracy theory, according to the BBC report.

The media also reported that there were four similar incidents at Vodafone towers across the country. The one in Birmingham didn’t even offer 5G internet, but was nevertheless destroyed.

There is currently no scientific evidence linking 5G to the new virus. Full Fact, an independent fact-checking organization, investigated the allegations after a tabloid published the story. It was found that 5G uses a higher frequency of radio waves than other connection technologies, but the radiation levels are below the established international guidelines and are not harmful to the human body.

Conspiracy theories in moments of panic are cannon fodder. How do you feel about it? At BeInCrypto we wanted to ask our readers.

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