According to a recent report by the Oracle company, blockchain technology is one of the emerging technologies that are most in demand by companies. This is one of the most sought-after, most-used and applied technologies in the corporate sector.

“New Technologies: The Competitive Advantage for Finance and Operations”is the name of the study published by the American multinational technology and computer industry. Oraclewhere it reveals Blockchain technology is one of the emerging technologies most in demand by companies.

In this sense it is Blockchain technology is used to improve services, ensure greater security and traceability., mainly from the Utilities, finance and medical sector, stands out Oracle.

The 30% of the 700 companies surveyed by Oracle for the study said they used blockchain to improve processes and jobs within your financial system. The work also shows that 36% of companies interviewed, stated that have a pilot to implement blockchain technology.

On the other hand by the companies surveyed 87% who already use blockchain technology said they met their ROI (Return on Investment) expectationswhile 82% expect their commercial value to increase within a year.

Blockchain in the supply chain, financial system and intelligent contracts

After this reportthe 78% of the 700 companies surveyed agree to this blockchain technology “Will help reduce supply chain fraud” in the next 5 years.

On the other hand in terms of Financial sectorthe 49% of respondents use blockchain-based financial systems Settle payment disputes and 58% rate their application for payment processing.

The 39% of respondentsbelieve in him Blockchain potential to facilitate smart contractsBecause of the convenience that technology offers to perform all required actions and logs in a simpler way.

Finally, the report also notes that companies that have used blockchain have achieved results that have exceeded their expectationsas the improved compliance with legal regulations (35%), reduced manual documents and processes (37%) and reduced risks (37%).

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