According to reports, the social network Reddit could implement a blockchain-based points system


Video posted by a user of Reddit shows what a wallet is based on Blockchain. The leaders of the social network have not yet spoken to confirm or reject the news.


New reports released yesterday indicate this Reddit, the social network that allows users to post interesting information on a variety of topics; plans to implement a new technology-based point system Blockchain.

This is reflected in a video published by the user @MagoCrypto on the channel CryptoCurrency from the social network, where he gives a little insight into a beta version of this new system, which is displayed on a mobile device.

Reddit implements a point system in the blockchain! (Official Reddit app for Android) from CryptoCurrency

Points system based on Blockchain For Reddit?

In this regard, the user Wizard Crypto wrote:

I have opened my application [de Reddit] yesterday morning I saw the new menu option “Wallet”. I checked it out, saw “Blockchain” and was very excited to share this with you.

In the video, you can see what looks like a crypto wallet running in the social networking web application where the user can manage their money in this new digital token, which appears to be a far cry from Momendas’ already implemented system works from Reddit for a long time.

What can we see in this new point system?

At first glance, this wallet seems to handle everything most wallets use to store cryptocurrencies that can be accessed through the user profile area.

The video reads that This new implementation would be part of the application of Reddit, and it has a public address to which transfers could appear to be made. In return, it also maintains a segment that contains the recovery phrase (better known as the start code) that can be used to access the resources if the device is lost or malfunctioning.

Among the options available in the Frequently Asked Questions section, the new wallet provides information about the properties of the product and offers a space specifically designed to discuss functionality Blockchain. However, since these segments currently have no content, there is no further information in this regard.

Nothing is confirmed

Although the information published by the user Wizard Crypto roughly detailed what a product appears to be in development, andThis functionality currently does not appear to be available to the vast majority of users.It is therefore not clear whether this functionality will be available for the web browser version.

The users of the Reddit They were pleased to see the platform implement a token system based on Blockchain. There are still many questions as to whether these assets are linked to the participants’ account or the device in question and whether this new system is based on the network of Ethereum, and what the initial deployment of the assets would look like, as well as their commercialization on different platforms.

At the time of editing, There is no official response from the managers of Reddit based on this new points system Blockchain.

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