According to the report – Crypto Trends, large companies around the world use blockchain technology primarily for traceability


According to a Blockdata study, traceability and origin is the category most commonly used by large companies listed on Forbes Blockchain 5th, followed by blockchain services for payments and billing

An analysis of the annual list Bes Blockchain 50 from Forbes made by Block data, found that The world’s largest companies use this technology primarily in the area of ​​product traceabilityto monitor their production and supply chain.

The report explains this in a similar way Hyperledger, Fabric, Ethereum and Corda are the blockchain platforms that had the greatest reach, while the technology’s most popular uses in addition to that Traceability and originare the second Payments and statements.

Traceability and origin

After this to study, 15 of the companies You are on the list Forbes 50 focused on blockchain, they address these solutions, and also theirs The applicability extends to agriculture, mining, aerospace, the food industry and the automotive industry.

IBM Food Trust, Perhaps it is one of the most heard projects, the platform allows companies to specify the origin of the goods that make up their supply chain. Within this project, giants are like Walmart and Nestlé.

Payments and statements

One of the main companies in this list and category is that Facebook Libra projectdespite the ups and downs that the project has dealt with since its announcement have sparked even more interest in blockchain paymentinfluence directly Central banks and regulatorsand draw your attention to digitization.

On the other hand Truck ID and truck wallet from automakers Daimler, are part of non-traditional services and are intended to enable vehicles to carry out autonomous transactions with other machines.

There are also companies with their already popular projects such as the blockchain Quorum from JP Morgan, Ripple Its payment network includes giants like Santander or the Japanese bank MUFG.

Digitization and tokenization in the future

Finally, the report highlights the Participation and use of blockchain technology among the big companies in the world, mainly to use technology on purpose “Overcome Real Problems”. You hope so too “Areas such as digital identity and asset tokenization that are less popular on this list will see massive growth in the coming years as companies figure out how to digitize physical assets.”.

Finally, the study found:

Don’t be surprised if your car starts planning its own maintenance (and pays for it out of your own wallet) or if you can invest shares in the share of real estate projects as easily as possible. The work being done to bring blockchain technology to the world is just a glimpse of the implementation we will see in the near future

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