The actress and entertainer Maribel Guardia of Mexican nationality and Costa Rican origin has denounced an alleged fraud in which they advertise an alleged investment in Bitcoin with their image.

By posting on her Instagram profile, the cheerleader made her followers aware that her picture was used without their permission to “fool the careless”.

In the above post OfficeGuard said that In an interview, they affirmed that they had invested in Bitcoin, although they didn’t. “The note they leave in networks in Costa Rica to make sure I invest in bitcoins is wrong,” he said on the social network.

“The fall of this electronic currency has desperately caused them to deceive people by making various false messages using the image of different artists without their permission,” Guardia added in his publication, along with a screenshot that you did could see the fake interview you talked about an investment that “could make the Costa Ricans rich”.

You can see that in the same recording released by the actress The address of the website on which the interview was published does not correspond to the image of the Costa Rican media to whom they attributed the material. While the logo and name belonged to the local broadcaster Teletica; The link was part of a subdomain of myshopify.com.

Wrong interviews, more common bait for fraud

Exactly the website myshopify.com has been linked several times to this type of fraudulent subdomain. Even in Latin America Other cases of false celebrity interviews have been hosted on this website.

These were the cases of the Panamanian singer, songwriter and actor Rubén Blades and the former Ecuadorian presidential candidate Álvaro Noboa, which were reported in CriptoNoticias in mid-February.

As a matter of fact, In Latin America and other regions, this practice of false interviews with celebrities to promote alleged investments in Bitcoin has become common.. This happened, for example, with the director of the Telmex Foundation in Mexico, Arturo Elías Ayub. The executive was used to promote Bitcoin traders, the same platform on which Noboa’s image in Ecuador was used. Another outstanding case was that of businessman Luis Carlos Sarmiento.

Among the best known examples in the rest of the world, we can mention two recent cases that were discussed in this newspaper. One of the French PSG soccer player Kylian Mbappé; the other, that of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Merkle. This latter case is the same as Rubén Blades’, as both were used to promote the Bitcoin Evolution platform.


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