Important facts:
  • The author of the Harry Potter novel saga now only wants to move away from cryptocurrencies.

  • She feels educated on the subject, but has marked a tweet as positive that Bitcoin doesn’t exist.

Since the author of the Harry Potter saga, J.K. Rowling tweeted and wanted to know something about Bitcoin. The avalanche of news from the community has not stopped. Some of the Twitter users sent intense and even abusive messages, which made the author just want to get away from the topic.

“This is going to be silly. I am not a member of the Bitcoin community. Now it should be completely obvious that I have rolled Bitcoin in the hope of increasing my significant holdings of Ethereum.” wrote in an attempt to complete the subject. Next up about your stuff at ETH, he showed It’s also a joke, perhaps for fear that the community revolving around this cryptocurrency will saturate it with news.

After a weekend of intense activities on her personal account, the famous British writer pointed three lessons “hard earned”. One of them is: “Never be naughty with Bitcoin on Twitter.” At this point added that his mentions are still full of people trying to get him to buy Bitcoin or understand it. In the end he thanks the gesture and swears that she already feels educated on this subject. However, he referred to it as the only reasonable explanation of all received, a Tweet which indicated: “Imagine that there is something that does not really exist. This is bitcoin. “

It even seems like he is thinking of closing his account and so on indicated: “It started as a joke, but now I’m afraid that I will never be able to log in to Twitter again without anyone getting angry because I don’t have Bitcoin. One day you will see a withered old woman on the street trying to trade a Harry Potter book for a potato. Be nice, she was just trying to understand. “

As in his books, J.K. Rowling can fall back on the legendary Potter cloak of invisibility and want to forget the crypto world. Source: Youtube.

Last Friday, CryptoNews published how the author of the Harry Potter novels was interested in Bitcoin. It all started with the original post by Bitcoin journalist Leigh Cuen, the commented that a novelist approached him and asked about Bitcoin. User Marvin Ammori replied to this tweet by tagging Potter’s creator with the simple message: “Rowling is my favorite.”

Cuen later explained that “if the creator of Harry Potter ever came to her,” she would die of happiness “. Surprise! A few hours later, the same writer replied straight to the point: “I don’t understand Bitcoin. Please explain it to me. “

Rowling and her footprint in the crypto world

The event that linked the author of the Harry Potter saga to the world of cryptocurrencies did not go unnoticed by those looking for techniques that would allow them to deceive the careless on the Internet. Indeed, J.K. Rowling himself complaint that a fake account with your name recommends buying Bitcoin.

Rowling then replied that if people don’t understand that they don’t know anything about Bitcoin, people will actually do so The only thing he had ever recommended without understanding it was a novel by Iris Murdoch. A writer and philosopher who was characterized by intense and strange works, full of black humor and unpredictable twists in her arguments.

A short tour of Twitter is enough to find several fake accounts that are already tweeting with Rowling’s name and image. The methodology of this type of deception has been going on for some time. A CryptoNews article in 2018 described in detail how a fake Elon Musk account and an authentic billionaire post were used to steal user funds. This deception method has also been applied to important personalities in the ecosystem.


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