Telegram postponed the launch of its TON blockchain for the second time after losing to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which accused the claim of selling unregistered securities during its ICO, where 1, 7 thousand million dollars were collected

According to a letter to its investors, received from CoinDesk, telegram presented investors two options in his ICOafter the start of the blockchain was postponed again Open network telegram (TON)after losing the judicial battle with the SECwho demonstrated to a judge the sale of unregistered securities of his tokens “Grams”.

First of all, telegram Offers instantly the return of up to 72% to its investorsThe second option is that investors who want it can do so Lend your investment to Telegram by April 30, 2021, Deadline for the new start of the network. The company also offers an incentive:

As a token of appreciation for your trust in TON, we also offer you the alternative option of receiving 110% of your original investment by April 30, 2021, which is 53% more than the termination amount.

For the founder of the QIWI payment processing company Sergey Solonin, $ 17 million TON investorhe said CoinDesk that the proposal is good news for investors. “The conditions are really good, I think a lot of investors will choose to keep their money on telegram.”, he remarked, adding that just in case telegram cannot issue them GramsYou can find an investor and return the money to the token buyers.

telegram In the letter, he also points out that in this sense he should be in constant discussions with the responsible authorities. It depends on the negotiation that investors can get grams or another cryptocurrency on the same terms that in her “Original sales contracts”. CoinDesk He also made it clear that regulators continue to block the start of VOLUMEso Telegram has to pay the debt with capital.

Everything seems to indicate that the start of VOLUME Almost concretely, new obligations were registered in the repository of on Tuesday Telegram Open Network on GitHub, including new documentation on running validation nodes.

During the fight with the SEC, telegram developed further VOLUME, released code for blockchain nodes VOLUME, a white paper on network consensus and a huge crypto wallet. However, it seems that the messaging app has to wait for a while before finally launching its blockchain initiative and token.

telegram He tried to issue his tokens to non-US investors, but the proposal was declined by the federal judge.

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