After the announcement of the closure of Purse.io, know some alternatives with which you can buy yourself Amazon With cryptocurrencies, you can exchange gift cards or receive rewards Bitcoin when buying from Amazon.


The platform last week Purse.io publicly announced the closure of its business. After 6 years a bridge between enthusiasts of Bitcoin and users of Amazon, Purse.io will definitely cease its services in June.

The announcement of the company created a mood in the crypto community as it was one of the first ecosystem projects to push commercial acceptance Bitcoin. Unlike its competitors, the uniqueness of Purse.io was that his platform was trying to connect between people who wanted to pay with Bitcoin in Amazonwith those who are interested in changing their gift cards from Amazon from Bitcoin.

The main attractions also included discounts for those who made purchases from the e-commerce giant with cryptocurrencies.

It was reported yesterday that it could be Purse.io don’t go away The company is now getting takeover bids so it can continue to provide its services.

Alternatives to Purse.io

Given the recent announcement of the closure of Purse.io, DailyBitcoin Put together some of the alternative platforms you can buy with Bitcoin in Amazon or exchange Gift cards from Amazon for cryptocurrencies.

1. IPayYou.io

Perhaps one of the solutions that are most similar wallet is the web platform IPayYou. In a similar market IPayYou.io offers its users the possibility to pay with Bitcoin y Bitcoin cash Your purchases are made in Amazon.com. Like other wallet services on the market, IPayYou Allows you to save, send and receive funds in both digital currencies. It also works with 16 different US banks. United States

With this platform you can, among other things, achieve outstanding achievements Bitcoin directly to an Amazon.com account. Transfers can be made from USD $ 10. It also allows you to buy and sell Gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, Best buy, Apple and other popular shops.

The platform often also offers special promotions and discounts for the purchase of cryptocurrency gift cards.

Recently due to the closure of the popular solution wallet, IPayYou invited users of the old platform to join this solution. On that day, the service offered a 5% discount on the purchase of Amazon gift cards.

2nd Bit refill

Maybe one of the services of Bitcoin most popular in the ecosystem, Bit refill is a platform that facilitates the purchase of gift cards with cryptocurrencies. It is also known to pay for mobile services with digital assets such as Bitcoin.

Bit refill, founded in 2014, supports various digital currencies when buying Gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, Adidas, Burger Kingand hundreds of other recognized businesses. While just assimilating Purse.io It is one of the most popular alternative platforms for buying gift cards as it has enabled its services in countries around the world.

You will find platforms like their competitors Gyft y eGifter, which also makes it easier for users to buy gift cards Bitcoin.

3rd Paxful

For those users who, on the other hand, want to use trading peer to peer Gift cards, Paxful It could be an alternative for this market.

One of the characteristics of Purse.io is that it gives users a market between buyers and sellers of Gift cardsand those who are interested in buying or selling Bitcoin through this mechanism. The platform change Global P2P, Paxful It is also characterized by the use of gift cards among its payment mechanisms for trading Bitcoin.

In this exchange, users of Gift cards from Amazon anywhere in the world can connect with buyers and sellers of Bitcoinand there are usually a variety of offers with discounts of up to 50%.

Amazon Gift Card Trading at Paxful
Trading of Gift cards from Amazon in Paxful

4th Fold the app

One of Startups The most promising ecosystem for 2020 is wrinkles, an application that allows you to earn rewards Satoshis for purchase in multiple stores. Wrinkles, Available as an Android, iOS and web application, it makes it easier to buy Gift cards from Amazon, Domino, Hotels.com and other companies with a discount and also rewards its users in a fraction of Bitcoin.

Under one of the special properties of Purse.io the opportunity to get rewards in Bitcoins. One option was the referral program, which was similar to wrinklesThe user earns a small sum of coins to recommend the application to a friend. Another option that was offered wallet was up for grabs Bitcoin (or BCH) to track other buyers’ orders and provide their order information.

Win with wrinkles It is even easier because it has a program named in addition to the reference program Setbacks which basically allows the user to earn Satoshis for every purchase you make. Users can accumulate theirs Bitcoins and use it for future purchases or transfer it to an external wallet.

Users can also buy directly from the app and earn rewards for use Lightning network. This year wrinkles announced a new Visa card that could receive rewards Bitcoins for every purchase in US dollars.

5. moon

An alternative to Purse.io that can be similar wrinkles is moon, an internet browser extension that allows users to shop on Amazon with cryptocurrencies. The desktop browser extension from moon is available for Google Chrome Brave y Opera.

Similar to wrinkles, moon It also supports payments with cryptocurrencies in electronic commerce via the Lightning network. One of the innovative features is that this extension also allows users to pay through their accounts. Coinbase. moon not only has support for payments in Bitcoinalso accepts Bitcoin cash, ether y Litecoin.

Currently moon Available to users in the United States and Canada only begin announced last year that it hopes to expand to other countries soon. Often moon offers discounts or rewards in Bitcoin for payments with the extension.

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Annotation by Hannah Estefanía Pérez / DailyBitcoin


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