In the future, a Japanese analyst sees a greater demand for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies among institutional investors after the crisis caused by the new corona virus.

The world is on many fronts in an economic crisis due to the pandemic caused by the new corona virus (Covid-19), which means that new forms and scenarios for institutional investors are being considered and reconsidered. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are an option for that being examined

In a newer one report from news.bitcoin, the statements of Tetsuyuki Oishi, CEO of Bitcoin Lab, Crypto industry analyst invited by the Japanese company Treasurywhere he explains his vision regarding How cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) according to Covid-19 can achieve high demand from institutional investors around the world.

Oishi, argues that one of the keys to this can be The loss of interest in the stock exchange after the crisis led to a decline in interest in the products of many companiesand finally a long-term reduction in corporate profits Investors should look for investment options other than stocks. Investors can’t just put everything in cash ».

Next, the analyst visualizes that Very low correlation between cryptocurrencies and traditional investments as an attraction for investorsIt should also be borne in mind that diversification of their investment portfolios must be taken into account.

During the fall, of course, all assets were sold, both gold and bitcoins were sold, but then recovered (…). As a result, there is more room to include assets that are little related to the uncertain future society (…). Non-correlated assets that most investors have not yet included in their portfolios are cryptocurrencies, especially BTC

Oishi He also cited the company’s earnings report for the first quarter of 2020. Grayscale investmentswhere he points out that this is more than $ 500 million in capital from cryptocurrency investmentsa 88% from institutional investorswithout doubt “It is good news that investor interest in virtual currencies has not waned.”Predicting an increase in interest after the Covid 19 crisis.

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