The scalable infrastructure for creating decentralized financial applications (DeFi) of AVA opens to the public in tests to test.


AVA, a platform Blockchain The next generation launched their first of two planned public versions of Testnet Medium.

Indicates that the first version enables participants to connect to a global network of validators and participate in high-speed transactions.

With speeds of thousands of transactions per second and a payment purpose of less than two seconds, AVA offers a performance comparable to that of leading payment processing companies.

The launch of the public test network enables the functions of AVA before starting on the main network later this year.

What is AVA

As stated in a statement, the platform is AVA is able to redefine open finance by allowing decentralized financial applications (DeFi) be more expressive and adapt to global demand.

Add that AVA is controlled by the protocol of consensus avalanche Avant-garde. This way AVA “It enables everyone to create blockchains that are enabled for both public and private smart contracts that work together.”

It also indicates that AVA is backward compatible with immediate support for DeFi based on Ethereum. The migration of decentralized applications to AVA gives Open Finance the opportunity to fulfill its promise to the general public.

AVA: What your test network is looking for

Emin Gün Sirer, managing director of AVA Labs, he explained: “As an open source project, we listen carefully to the valuable contributions of our active global community and develop a solution that is based on the needs of potential users and that allows scaling and connection like never before without permission and authorized blockchains.”

Add the version of medium that in addition to his ability to demonstrate that tests of AVA tries to maximize participation in the network and strengthen the platform for future implementation. In this context, Kevin Sekniqi, COO of AVA Labs said:

We focus on creating a functional and scalable blockchain. Our mission has always been to respond to the needs of the global financial market. We make it possible to integrate DeFi into traditional financing.


John Wu himself, president of AVA Labs, expressed on the platform:

AVA has the potential to become the global emissions platform for all digital assets, and this is only possible due to its unique architectural model.

Sectors such as payments, tokenization, digital identity, supply chain and the Internet of Things (IoT) are interested AVA as a flexible platform from DLT (distributed ledger) that enables unique requirements. Developers and companies around the world can now interact with them AVA and start building open financial applications on the public test network.

In this context Sirer said: “Since leaving stealth mode last year, the team has focused on building the strongest, most secure network possible.” and then stated: “Our mainnet launch is expected this year. Opening the AVA test network to the public just one year after the operation means our commitment to deliver on our promises quickly. We welcome everyone who is committed, testing the functionality of the platform and analyzing the code. “

If you want to know more about it AVA Visit their website.

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