Both have money as their raw material. Both want to attract as many investors as possible.

The banks, like the virtual currency companies, certainly have raw materials to generate benefits for the money, but the banks need it physically. If any of their customers want to see, touch, invest, they can request them from any of their agencies or branches and get them with your own hands.

It’s not the usual, but traditionally we manage sums of money for some of our operations, especially the most common ones, such as: paying tickets to mobilize people, buying the foods that feed us daily, medicines, clothing, among others.

We also use cash to travel, to meet our personal needs, in short, everything we want to meet our needs and circumstances, and we rely on plastics (credit cards, debits).

On the other hand, there are cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, While it is true that they do not have the widespread introduction of currencies by decree, they can be used for global negotiations in an effective, fast, and safe manner.For this reason, higher-level investors are implementing it to do their business by adding more users to their platforms every day to share their various commercial offerings.

So we see how Banks and traditional financial companies operate in the economic part of the world and in the same way as cryptocurrency operators who make room for investments and financial activities.

Which of the two is more important to operate financially?

So far, both are working normally, but we have to take into account that the world of cryptocurrencies monopolizes a large percentage of operations, especially with large amounts of virtual money, although both are needed to expand their markets and so central banks open up Many First World countries do business in cryptocurrencies, which means they are trying to update themselves with the financial expansion of the rare use of this crypto world. but it makes its way erratic and unstoppable.

Does this mean that cryptocurrencies will supply banks?

So far it has not been addressed for various reasons, but it is in sight that cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more covered in all areas and with increasingly popular platforms and simple applications that are used with a lot of normality. with fast-running smartphones without much effort.

Will bankruptcy be triggered by the popularization of cryptocurrencies?

It would be unafraid to make this type of statement for several reasons, but there is great uncertainty about it, and there are those who believe that banks would take a back seat in the world with the implementation of cryptocurrencies, but it seems that it does It will not be easy to displace bank operators because they have many years of experience and their different visions regarding financial investments.

There is still a lot to learn from cryptocurrencies and their daily use, and this article points out, among other things, that like in the world of cryptocurrencies, users can be anonymous and, ultimately, they are behind this whole new financial world.

Later, over the years, we will know who will stay in time and space to be the financial dominant of the future, but what is certain is that the crypto world is now projected into a very attractive environment for investors and it is everyone who is in the cycle of money who can give life and effectiveness to the activities of this new modality, and certainly both need each other.

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