Big Cat Rescue, rival of Tiger King from the popular Netflix series, accepts Bitcoin


Tiger King – A new Netflix documentary series that has generated great success and controversy among viewers. Tiger King’s rival Big Cat Rescue accepts Bitcoin for donations. ***

Big Cat Rescue, the rival cat protection organization by Tiger king, from the acclaimed series of Netflixaccept Bitcoin. Amidst fanaticism about a new documentary miniseries from Netflix, That draws millions of viewers onto the platform StreamingVarious news media announced that the organization Big Cat Rescue, appears on the show and accepts donations in various cryptocurrencies.

The new documentary series “Tiger King: Murder, Chaos and Insanity”, also known as Tiger King, tells the real story of Joe Exotic, an extravagant character who owns the zoo Greater Wynnewood Exotic Zoo;; and their conflicting enmity with Carole Baskin, the owner of the shelter Big Cat Rescue.

Rival of Tiger king accept Bitcoin

Amidst the success and controversy of the documentary series by Netflix, the medium revealed that Carole Baskin’s cat reserve, Big Cat RescueAccept donations in Bitcoin.

One of the most amazing facts the series reveals is that the illegal sale of tigers and other big cats is a multi-million dollar deal. In fact, it appears that the offspring of some tiger species can be worth $ 100,000, while the average care of a tiger can be around $ 10,000.

Nevertheless, the series shows how Baskin and Exotic use internet donations and traffic on their social media channels to finance their businesses. According to the official website for the Baskin project Big Cat Rescue accepts donations by almost any method, including Amazon Pay, PayPal y Bitcoin. The Florida-based sanctuary also accepts ether, Bitcoin cash and other assets through Bitpay.

To keep up with the enormous cost of the cat reserve, Baskin not only uses the donation for digital assets, but also has assets of several million dollars that come from her ex-husband’s legacy and are currently gone.

A success in Netflix

In the United States alone, the controversial documentary series achieved massive success during the Coronavirus quarantine. With over 34 million views in the first days after its premiere Tiger king has better reception than Strange things.

Possibly the series’ popularity is due to the fact that it is a surprise-filled plot that discovers a community of eccentric big cat collectors across the United States. Indeed, the series reveals an unusual fact: In the United States, more tigers live in captivity than in the rest of the planet in the wild in the wild.

In a mixture of absurd and comic, the documentary series follows the story of Joe Exotic, who has been in prison for 22 years for crimes, including trying to hire someone to murder his rival Carole Baskin. Other crimes related to human trafficking, abuse and exploitation of endangered species are also included.

Controversial series

Tiger King presents situations ranging from the use of weapons to animal trafficking, polygamy, illegal zoos, murder and covert investigations by the US government. But as if that weren’t enough, the series also unveils a series of public accusations against various characters who love big cats. Among them Carole Baskin herself, the owner of the “animal shelterWhom many accuse of being involved in the disappearance of her ex-husband.

Due to the series’ allegations against the director of Big Cat RescueBaskin has decided to file a public letter of complaint against Netflix for the characterization that the series makes of it. However, the platform is Streaming It has not spoken yet, but it is rumored that it will air a second season that is said to focus on the disappearance of Baskin’s ex-husband.

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