It has been an eventful week around the world amid the excitement caused by the corona virus and Halving’s closeness to the Bitcoin blockchain. Why, sometimes we can skip messages that deserve a comment. Like the biggest Bitcoin transaction in history that Bitfinex did, like Paolo Ardoino in ours Tweet of the day:

A Bitcoin transaction that makes history

These are difficult days for all mankind when our society faces a common enemy in the figure of the corona virus. Disease that has caused thousands of unfortunate deaths worldwide in the past three and a half months. While governments are making every effort to face the health crisis without breaking their economy.

In the case of the crypto world, the proximity of Bitcoin’s Halving would be added to this event, which is already having serious ramifications in the Bitcoin market and, more broadly, in the cryptocurrency market in general. This raises positive expectations for practically all cryptoactive users.

In the midst of this relentless flow of news about halving and the coronavirus, it is normal for other important events to go unnoticed. As with the transfer of 161,500 bitcoins, which equates to $ 1.1 billion on April 10 and runs from a commission of just 0.00010019 BTC or $ 0.68.

This made it the largest bitcoin transaction in history by dollar value. First noticed by Twitter user Krisma, who wrote: “Someone just moved 146,500 BTC ($ 1 billion) in a wire transfer”. Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Bitfinex replied:

“Yes, we filled a 15K hot wallet, the rest went back to the original address.”

This will be confirmed later by the Bitcoin blockchain records. This shows that after transferring 161,500 BTC to an address 146,500 returned to the original wallet. This was the second operation that Krisma was performing. Just before an event like Bitcoin’s Halving, an interesting record is generated in the crypto world.


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