Popular Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance recently launched its latest product, a cryptocurrency mining platform designed to empower miners and the global cryptocurrency mining industry

The exchange’s new crypto mining platform, Binance pool, appears in a time of change for the industry as it describes Binance in a release, which coincides with the next arrival of Bitcoin halving in May.

In this sense Binance pool Enters as the newest financial services product supported by encryption technology with the goal of «Creation of a comprehensive platform for miners that offers the mining industry more opportunities by combining traditional mining and financial services»specifies the signature.

Binance pool will enable mechanisms Proof of work (POW) and proof of participation (POS)while in its early stages, The service will be available for bitcoin mining, as stated BinanceSoon they hope to add new services and support for more cryptocurrencies.

As well Binance pool You assure that it will work the lowest prices on the marketThe platform also offers other advantages Global technology expertise, decentralized mining, more secure blockchain networks, comprehensive financial services, mining services, protection for independent miners in the market and support for POW and POS mining mechanismsaccording to the statement.

Also Binance pool also allows miners to connect to various Binance products, including Binance futures, spot & margin trading, binance lending and binance staking. With the start, the mining service of Bitcoin offers a zero entry fee for miners.

Finally about the start of Binance poolthe exchange ensures:

With the launch of Binance Pool, we are contributing to the changes that will take place in the crypto mining industry. With the launch of Binance Pool, another player will be added to the crypto-mining world, and BTC’s hashing performance will become more decentralized. We also offer Binance’s brand for the execution and continuous improvement of crypto mining. Customized services and support for other cryptocurrencies will be available online shortly

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