An announcement on Twitter officially did something DailyBitcoin had observed days ago: Binance Spanish Announces Venezuelan Bolivare (VES) trading in cryptocurrencies on its P2P platform, and the first advertiser is already here


The team from DailyBitcoin checked the newly launched platform P2P the world’s leading exchange by transaction volume and users, Binance. When reviewing the various Fiat currencies with which the platform is already working, we find that the option You see They seeor sovereign Bolivare (Venezuela) was active, but without advertising.

DailyBitcoin at the time Mariangel contacted García, Community manager from Binance Spanishwho stated that they had not yet formalized the start of their business in Venezuela’s local currency. Today it is a fact and Binance Spanish just announced it Twitter::

Binance Spanish Announces Venezuelan Bolivar Cryptocurrency Trading Through P2P

About the ad, DailyBitcoin He was able to contact García again, who made his impressions on the subject:

We are very happy to be able to offer solutions for all countries. Our comprehensive vision extends the availability of our products in Latin America and Venezuela is no exception. We even contacted P2P retailers to work on our platform and are continuing this process.

You can contact Binance Spanish Advertise on the platform by filling out this form.

On the other hand, and while this note was being written, García published in Twitter the first announcement in Venezuelan bolivar on the platform P2P::

Future plans and no commission

About the future, Garcia, with whom we have already spoken DailyBitcoin on Binance Cloudwas emphatic when he said that Binance It should be very flexible in terms of the feedback they receive from users and always looking for the best user experience (UX). He also stressed that the platform does not charge commissions for the activity of trade with Bolivar.

We will continue to work on it and adapt the platform to the needs of our users to make the experience as friendly and easy as possible. The most important thing is that we have no commissions

Likewise, our work will always be aimed at ensuring the security of customers

24/7 support

Additional information about the platform that García has left relates to the platform’s support. With that in mind, it is expected to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We only have 24-hour support completely free on Binance.com, which sets us apart from the competition.

And also a series of events and activities to inform them more about the introduction of crypto in general.

Twitter on

Responses to the news of the Venezuelan crypto community in Twitter They did not wait with many positive comments from people who were interested in the topic.

For example the user @ fran0305_BTCsaid:

The user @wbasabewas happy with the news:

And others like @AstorJoelThey were curious to know how the platform works with Venezuelan Bolivars:

It remains to be seen what other initiatives it brings Binance in Venezuela, particularly with regard to accepting currencies such as BUSD /. USDCand with a country that is practically making dollars.

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Sources: Twitter, Archive of DailyBitcoin.

Report by Arnaldo Ochoa / DailyBitcoin.

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