Despite the pronounced instability of crypto, Bitcoin (BATM) ATMs have recently continued to grow worldwide, while the USA continues to lead with 70% of the BATMS market.

Bitcoin ATMs pass through 7,500 worldwide

BATMs worldwide already have more than 7,000 ATMs installed. Photo courtesy: Coin ATM Radar

It is estimated that it will not be until 2020 1,200 new ATMsThis is very important to emphasize that this industry has installed two thousand BATMS in four years and the production and installation of these ATMs has practically reached these numbers in just one year.

So he made it known Coin operated radar, the platform responsible for tracking the Bitcoin ATM industry around the world.

In this way The United States leads the number of ATMs installed with 5,422 which means more than 70% of the world market share, following Canada with 721 (9.5%), then United Kingdom with 279 (3.7%) and finally Austria with 137 (1.8%).

On the other hand Europe barely reaches 16% of the world market during South America is very low at only 0.8%. Asia has 1.7%his Hong Kong the leader of this area with 56 BATMs for 0.7% This corresponds to more than a third of the regional market.

With the inclusion of the new market leader in ATMs, competition has developed between the different operators Coinsource and CoinCloud that they distribute the guidance through the narrator’s operation, as they often increase and decrease at this point.

On the other hand, among the manufacturers of these ATMs, we find practically competition from two, between Genesis Coin with 33.8% and General Bytes with 30.7%.

An industry with great growth

Almost a year after the note we wrote about the 5,000 BATMs installed worldwideIt seems that the industry is on the right track to reach ten thousand ATMs.

Although the current situation due to the pandemic of Covid-19 It could delay expectations when this number of BATMs will be installed worldwide. The idea of ​​having these ATMs in many countries continues.

At the beginning of the year El Salvador introduced its first Bitcoin ATM operated by the company Athena Bitcoin, which also has ATMs in Argentina.

However, the huge growth in installed BATMs doesn’t mean Complete freedom for your users to perform operations. Everyone has their own requirements, and there are already proposals in some cities around the world to sanction these machines.

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