Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and everything related to the crypto ecosystem take place in the entertainment industry. So Bitcoin debuted on Netflix in the original series “Billions”. Where Bitcoin made a great appearance in the first episode of season five.

The new season, based on the life of former New York District Attorney Preet Bharara, started with a conspiracy that centered around a group of cryptocurrency miners who run an illegal Bitcoin Farm (BTC). The first episode started with a raid on Bitcoin mining.

Involved in the first chapter of a Bitcoin mining farm

In the first episode of the new season, in which Bitcoin debuted on Netflix, New York Attorney General Chuck Rhoades interviewed the leader of a recently dismantled illegal BTC mine farm.

A mine farm with hundreds of ASICs was observed, and Axelrod received money from his right hand in “crypto” with a cold wallet that was very similar to a ledger.

The scene takes place in an interrogation room of the US police, where Chuck Rhoades and his ally in the operation, Miss Socker, are. Together, they interview two engineers who were arrested during an operation by the US police.

As a result, Chuck shows diagrams of the accused that reflect the tension in a Bitcoin mine camp. It is strange that the number corresponded to the energy consumption of a building with at least 120 apartments.

He also noted that the mining operation would have left the entire city without electricity due to the high energy consumption. Derived from the use of computers and servers. Without counting all the taxes that citizens would have paid for such consumption because of them.

Chuck assured in the scene of this first episode of the new season of the series that BTC was worth nothing.

Image from the first chapter of season 5 of billions.
Image from the first chapter of season 5 of billions.

“BTC is worth nothing”

Image from the first episode of season 5 of billions.
Image from the first chapter of season 5 of billions.

So your multitude of computers and servers could solve some abstract mathematical equations that lead to bitcoin mining? Worth millions at the moment, wow! But is it supported by what? Nothing “. Chuck Rhoades, character from the Billions series.

Likewise, the character of the Chuck Rhoades series expressed that the cryptocurrency is currently worth millions, but emphasized that it has no support.

Engineers accused of illegal Bitcoin mining answered with a simple question shared by some real-life experts. “”What has supported the US dollar since the gold standard was abandoned?“”

With that in mind, prosecutor Chuck claimed that the dollar is supported by the streets, the armed forces, and North American industry. However, he escaped the rest of the debate by claiming that they were not there to discuss monetary theory and that they had information that they were working for a Wall Street consortium.

Beyond the exchange, the appearance of this discussion in the series is another example of how Bitcoin expectations outside of the environment have gained ground for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

One of those who mentioned the episode was Changpeng Zhao, Binance’s CEO, who shared the scene on his official Twitter account with the hashtag # Adoption.

Netflix billions business and performance driven

Billions is an original Showtime series created by Brian Koppelman, David Levien and Andrew Ross Sorkin.

It was originally premiered in 2016 and broadcast by Showtime in the United States. Bitcoin made its debut on Netflix and this platform made it possible to bring the series to Latin America.

The series takes place in the United States, particularly in the business and energy sectors. Protagonist Bobby Axelrod is a major investor, head of a hedge fund that his enthusiasts follow in this saga against his adventures against the power embodied by prosecutor Chuck. This is their fifth season in which they make room for a conspiracy around Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

In recent seasons, the world of equity markets and litigation has been discussed with Wall Street hedge fund managers. Cryptocurrency fans may find the new episode more familiar.

The author of Bitcoin Billionaries participated in the script

It was also learned that the author of Bitcoin Billionaries, Ben Mezrich, was part of the team behind the screenplay for the popular Netflix series Billions, according to the series’ co-creator, Brian Koppelman. It seems that Bitcoin will have several outstanding appearances in one of the most popular shows on Showtime and Netflix.

It should be said that the premiere of billions with their traces of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies coincides with all the interest sparked in halving the creation of Satoshi Nakamoto, a process by which the issuance of new BTC is halved will and will happen in a few days at the time of writing this note.

There are other series and films related to Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and markets in general. This is the case with Crypto, Mr. Robot, Altered Carbon, The Big Short and Banking Bitcoin, among others, where cryptocurrencies and the logic of Wall Street and the markets in general also have an impact.


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