Bitcoin does not give up coronavirus


Bitcoin is the only way to reset globally

In this issue of Quick News, we find that Bitcoin does not give up on the coronavirus in the fight against the pandemic that plagues the world. Starting with this, BTC appears to be the only way out and the only solution to the global restart caused by this pandemic.

The CEO of BnkToTheFuture financing platform, Simon Dixon, was present in the latest episode of the financial news show, the Keizer report.

In the program, he expressed that Bitcoin (BTC) will be the only way out of the “global reset” of finance. The central banks can even use this currency to destroy the banking system.

Dixon analyzed the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on global finances and found that the health aspect of the crisis was by no means the worst.

“I don’t want to be dramatic, but this is a global restart in the financial system,” said host Max Keizer.

Then, he said, there was a massive “struggle” for government and central bank power. Taxpayers and those who are obliged to rely on fiat money pay the price.

Microsoft helps hospitals fight ransomware attacks in the midst of coronavirus

Bitcoin isn’t the only one who won’t give up in the fight against the corona virus. Microsoft is also helping to fight this pandemic and confronting people who take advantage of the situation. The company notifies hospitals that they are vulnerable to ransomware attacks.

He alerted hospitals to prevent healthcare facilities from being overwhelmed in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The company also made recommendations to hospitals to secure their systems and prevent ransomware attacks.

Through the company’s network of threat information analysts, Microsoft has “identified several dozen hospitals” with vulnerable virtual private networks and other public gateway applications on its systems.

OKEx contains small credits with a new offer

In addition to cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin isn’t the only one that doesn’t give up fighting the Corona virus. Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has announced a new feature that allows users to convert small balances into the company’s OKB token.

OKEx announced today that the new product will allow its users to convert all crypto asset balances with a value of less than 0.001 Bitcoin (BTC) to OKB.

The upper limit for the conversion value is 0.01 BTC. The conversion time is unlimited, but the conversion is only available if the price fluctuates within 5%.

Jay Hao, CEO of OKEx, asking traders not to speculate about OKB, saying:

“One principle that I recommend to all of our users is that you don’t negotiate with OKB unless you fully believe in OKEx’s long-term growth.”

This facilitates transactions within the platform for people with small amounts. This is very important in a context where the international banking system may fail.

Bitcoin donations help save coronavirus lives

We return with the protagonist of this issue and go into a more specific case where Bitcoin does not give up against the corona virus. Bitcoin (BTC) donations help save Italian lives and protect frontline helpers in the fight against the corona virus.

According to Helperbit, a blockchain-based civil protection platform, Bitcoin is facing the corona virus. Details that Bitcoin donations save lives.

The Italian Red Cross formed an Advanced Medical Post (AMP) in Castel Gandolfo, a city near Rome.

The AMP was founded in collaboration with the Colli Albani Committee and purchased through Bitcoin donations that were part of an emergency fundraiser in Italy. The campaign raised € 29,350 (around $ 31,828) in Bitcoin.

AMPs are mobile medical centers that are used in times of crisis to assess patients who may need immediate medical help.

In Italy, they are helping medical professionals to combat the corona virus by acting as contacts for people who may be infected with the new corona virus, who will then receive tests and advice.


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