Thanks to ReversingLabs’ efforts, the infected files were discovered in time and no one was affected by this malware

The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based cybersecurity company ReversingLabs published information on this new attempt to get Bitcoin illegally in a new blog post last Thursday.

In February of this year, ReversingLabs identified hackers who placed malicious files in a package manager called RubyGemsThis is generally used to upload and share improvements to existing software parts.

These hackers tried to get developers to download it Malware using a methodology calledTyping error This consists of loading malicious packages with names similar to normal hoping that a developer accidentally downloaded an infected package and inadvertently gave the hacker access to their system.

Once the hacker is in the system, the idea is to capture the data from a careless user’s clipboard to redirect all possible Bitcoin transactions to his address. wallet.

Protection in time

Despite the continued intent of hackers, the company has ReversingLabs managed to thwart his goal by informing RubyGems two days after the attack was discovered why the infected files were quickly removed without victims being registered.

The hackers’ goal was accurate RubyGems, because it has 158,000 packages with a total of almost 49 million downloads This means an interesting amount of download traffic for hackers of this type of performance.

Despite the fact that security companies can generally detect hacking attacks in a timely manner so as not to harm cryptocurrency users, they will continue to insist on finding new ways to arbitrarily break into such systems and commit their misdeeds. .

In addition, cryptocurrency related crimes exceeded the amount registered in 2018 to receive $ 4.52 trillion for various illegal practices to use the wealth of unsuspecting users. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some hackers are introducing themselves to charitable causes to get money from the crypto market.

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