This new weekly report on Bitcoin shows how quickly the price of this asset has risen in the past few days. This takes into account the market capitalization and the daily trading volume, which have also had a positive impact on the Bitcoin market in the past few days.

With regard to mining in the Bitcoin network, the processing speed in the blockchain remains more or less at the level of March. With this in mind it is observed how this metric has been going back since April 15th. If you look at the number of transactions to be confirmed, you can see that the network is somewhat congested.


From April 22 to 29, the upward momentum that has been observed since last week has gained strength. The minimum price recorded on the 22nd was USD 7,126. At the moment, BTC is trading at $ 8,761, an increase of 23%. Market cap increased from $ 130,692 million to $ 162,424 million, meaning that capitalization growth has risen 24.28% over the past week.

While the price of Bitcoin rose by around 24.19%, the market capitalization rose by 24.28%. Source: CoinMarketCap

Bitcoin’s daily trading volume has also increased remarkably. On April 22, the trading volume was USD 32,042 million, today it is around USD 59,306 million. This means that this metric has increased by 81.27%. This fact clearly reflects how The movement in the Bitcoin market has grown rapidly at the same time as the price.

On the other hand, you can see how the volatility of the Bitcoin price has steadily decreased. It should be remembered that volatility was 18.86% last week and is currently at 13.4%. It is important to note that volatility reached over 23% in MarchAs a result, this metric has decreased significantly. Last but not least, Bitcoin’s dominance is currently 65%, an increase of 1.5% over last week.

Bitcoin price: 8,789

Market capitalization: USD 162,424,513,942

Volume: USD 59,306,990,915

Bitcoin volatility: 13.4%

Bitcoin dominance: 65%


The blockchain size of the Bitcoin network is 274,338 megabytes (MB), which means a growth of 1,143 MB per week. Processing speed has slowed somewhat compared to last week and this metric is 110.71 hexahash per second. However, the processing speed is kept high considering the network history. Last week the processing speed was 113.8 hexahash per second. Also Network mining difficulties remain stable at 15,959 terabytes.

There have been further changes in the distribution of the top 5 this week Pools Network mining. F2pool is still 18% and Poolin rose 17%. But now AntPool and BTC.com swapped places and percentages from Hashrate from the network. ViaBTC remains in fifth place with 6%.

In the mempool With Bitcoin, the weight of each transaction is 2,203 vByte per second. In addition, its size is 29 MB, which corresponds to 23 blocks to be confirmed. At the time of writing these messages in the mempool Bitcoin has to confirm 45,479 transactions per 1 Sats / Vbyte. These values They agree with the big movement in the market and confirm a certain congestion of the network.

The average cost per transaction rose to $ 0.664 Sats / Vbyte last week, the cost was $ 0.51 Sats / Vbyte. On the other hand, it should be noted that the number of confirmed daily transactions has increased to 323,475. This means that this metric has increased by 4% compared to 310,851 confirmed transactions in the last week.

Blockchain size: 274,338 megabytes

Hashrate and degree of difficulty: 110.71 hexahash per second and 15,959 terabytes

Distribution of Hashrate from pool: F2Pool (18%), Poolin (17%), AntPool (14%), BTC.com (13%) and ViaBTC (6%)

State of mempool: Transaction per second of 2,203 vByte, and 45,479 transactions per 1 Sats / Vbyte must be confirmed.

Average transaction cost: USD 0.664

Transactions per day: 323,475

Technology / development

It was announced recently Start a new lnd version for Lightning Network. The developers have already released the beta version of this new Lightning Network client. The changes made in this new implementation improve the performance of the Bitcoin micro payment network. In addition, the stars of the update are multi-show payments and the ability to fund multiple channels with new methods.

Despite the fact that the launch of the new lnd package for Lightning Network took place a few days ago, it is still under construction. People who want to use this client on their own nodes are updated regularly. The last update was on April 23.


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