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Compared to all other assets Bitcoin

Bitcoin is often praised as a deflationary currency with a clear limit on the amount of BTC that can be in circulation. While this is undoubtedly its greatest strength, it differs from other asset classes in another aspect: it is much more fungible.


Bitcoin – the most liquid good

One of the remarkable aspects of the crypto market is that it never sleeps. This also means that it can never be closed.

With the cryptocurrency market open around the clock, Bitcoin is by far that easier to liquidate compared to everyone else. Compared to stocks, bonds, real estate and gold, none of them offer this immediacy. This also means that Bitcoin should be much more sensitive to global trends than other assets as it matures.

Gold, which is usually touted as a hedge against uncertainty, does not have the same advantage. Instead, the gold is kept in safes that are not immediately accessible. Moving gold can also be expensive. In addition, the profit margin for trading gold can be huge, especially when a broker-dealer happens, as one user mentions.

Of course, 24/7 liquidity isn’t just reserved for Bitcoin. All cryptocurrencies can also be traded 24 hours a day. What is special about Bitcoin, however, is that it has by far the highest liquidity of all other digital assets.

Soon it will be twice as rare

The case of Bitcoin gets even bigger as the block reward halves in May. Analysts predict that Bitcoin will hit new highs later. Morgan Creek Partner recently thought we could see a record high in September.

Bitcoin halving

However, with the worsening of the coronavirus pandemic, the future remains uncertain. The digital asset markets have been strongly correlated with the S&P 500 in the past two months, so traders need to be on the lookout for macroeconomic trends. According to analysts, we are now effectively in recession.

After halving, Bitcoin’s mining rewards are halved and much less. In the past, this has been correlated with upward momentum. After May, Bitcoin will not only be the most fungible good, but also extraordinary.

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