The price of Bitcoin rises again slightly on April 18. And the other cryptocurrencies. Traditional markets also closed higher yesterday.


Cryptocurrencies are following yesterday’s trend and are rising again, albeit slowly. If it is 11:00 am in New York, the price is from Bitcoin It’s USD $ 7,217.85, 2.02% more than yesterday at the same time and 5.76% compared to last Saturday. The trading volume exceeds USD 31 billion, with a special trading volume of Tether tAnto in Binance as in Coinsbit.

In addition to Bitcoin, other crypto on April 18

But it’s not the fastest growing digital currency today. The second on the list had a bigger increase between yesterday and today, according to the capitalization market: Ethereum It rose 7.02% on the last day to hit $ 182.39. If we compare the price with that of last Saturday, the increase is 15.64%.

Others are increasing XRP with 2.86%, Bitcoin cash with 2.59%, Bitcoin SV with 2.12%, Litecoin with 4.91% EOS with 3.64% and Tezos For the second day, this is again the one with the highest increase in the top ten, with an increase of 7.27% compared to Friday.

A total of 88 of the 100 largest digital currencies are on the rise and only 12 are declining, with some of them falling stable dollar-related coins, such as Seat belt, USD coin, Paxos, LEO y Binance USD.

If you want to see which currencies had the highest gains and losses, you can see our graph here:

Win cryptocurrencies

DGB DigiByte 26.12% $ 0.01
LRC grind 12.53% $ 0.03
ZEC Zcash 8.57% $ 41.84
REN Ren 7.9% $ 0.06
XTZ Tezos 7.13% $ 2.26


Lose cryptocurrencies

PAX Standard Paxos -0.47% $ 1.00
DAI DAI multi-collateral -0.46% $ 1.01
TUSD TrueUSD -0.45% $ 1.00
BUSD Binance USD -0.44% $ 1.00
USDT rope -0.4% $ 1.00


Stock exchange

The good phase also seems to favor the traditional stock market, which closed yesterday afternoon. The index Nasdaq shows a 1.38% increase on Friday at 5:15 p.m. New York time during the index Dow Jones reflected an increase of 2.99%, and that S&P 500 an increase of 2.68%.

The two-day reaction of the sachet was linked to hopes after the publication of a report indicating that it was a drug from the pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences showed efficacy in the treatment of the coronavirus COVID-2019.

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