Both are profitable investments, but Bitcoin outperforms gold as the best return by making profits of more than 22% in the first four months of 2020.

Gold has a gain of almost 10% and oil continues to decline, although it has recovered somewhat after a historic decline in late April.

Bitcoin has ranked first in investors’ performance, leaving gold and oil that have historically been the most attractive to invest in according to the world’s major stock indexes.

Although Bitcoin has suffered drastic falls and recoveriesas on February 13 when it fell from $ 10,466 to $ 4,111 on March 13.

In addition, it rose in a single day from $ 7,717 to $ 4,111 with an estimated loss of 47%, but was able to recover quickly and stabilized until March and is currently nearby $ 8,700 – $ 8,800.

On the other hand, we have gold, which had excellent results again in 2020, although it fluctuated in early March. However, today it has recovered significantly, increasing its value to $ 1,675 an ounce.

Bitcoin and gold to the rescue

At the time the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus pandemic, investors were turning to Bitcoin and gold dramatically.

This is not the case with oil that is in free fall and shows signs of a slow recovery. This is due to the shutdown of numerous industries worldwide. As a result, production and consumption declined massively.

However, it is estimated that the situation will normalize and industries will start operating again and the market will normalize. It would rise again at previous prices. So far, however, it has only been speculation to define exactly how this industry and its price could move. on the market.

Oil moves the global economy but the Covid-19 tore it apart and in April, future sales were listed below zero due to an extreme condition due to lack of demand and oversupply.

This forced traders to pay buyers to take them off their hands, and although there has been a slight recovery in the past few days, the comparison chart is quite large compared to last year as future sales indicate this for June year , which is trading at $ 18.59 at the same time last year, was in the $ 60 range.

So have the oil companies: Exxon Mobil and Chevron Corporation have fallen in the stock markets like never in the past ten years, although other types of companies such as banks have also fallen sharply, for example the British bank HSBC had a 50% drop in its quarterly net profit and the Santander Bank of Spain surpassed it in losses when it reached a 82%.

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