This “stock-to-flow” model, which is widely used in precious metals due to its abundance, suggests that Bitcoin will see an impending surge after being halved, which will take place within a few 13 days.

The Bitcoin event is also held every four years and the price of the leading cryptocurrency is expected to be in the order of $ 228,000 by 2024. Forbes currently believes 2020 could be the new 2017.

The reduction is estimated for May 12, and experts believe the forecasts are different because of mixed opinions. However, in Bitcoin, the code is legal and the most important one is the one that controls the inflation rate and the 50% reduction that will be set from next month.

It is expected that due to the lack of cryptocurrencies in the market, the price will be triggered automatically and, according to this model, reach levels that have never been seen before.

This is how things work in international markets at the time when this type of movement has been experienced, where the increase in market value has always been positive when mediation in the market has been reduced, i.e. H. It reduces the offer of the product and immediately increases its value due to its scarcity, and Bitcoin is believed to have successfully tested the surge on previous occasions.

If we apply this theory to the impact of Bitcoin on the market, all we have to do is enter the numerical part and understand that this cryptocurrency has a market inventory of 17.5 million coins and a stock of 0.7 million per year. According to these numbers, it will take miners at least 25 years to mine enough Bitcoin to match the current issue in the circulating market. Bitcoin stocks

So when this announced reduction occurs Bitcoin would be at its peak of gold, since its inflation rate will fall below that of gold (1.3% vs. 1.6%) and this allows the value to increase from 50 to 25 at the time of the reduction, since if there is a shortage the price will rise by default .

In spite of everything, transparency has always accompanied Bitcoin in all of its operations, and this is being publicly announced and it is expected that, as on other occasions, market-based forecasts will be presented, but there are opinions that are trying to justify another Result.

So when a project is announced You cannot predict the future result immediatelyThis is maintained by some experts and it is not inadequate that it can be handled in other ways. We’ll have the answer in a few days.

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