Qudo, a new blockchain protocol, will soon be available for the Unity game engine, which supports almost half of the video games on all platforms.

The developers of Qudo, BlockBastards, a company of Portuguese origin, confirm this Activity and performance of all games are rewarded by the Telos blockchain This allows any game created by Unity to add token-based features.

For this they use a reward mechanism called “Proof of gameplay”. This mechanism rewards game activity and performance with cryptocurrencies and allows developers to promote their games, as recently announced by BlockBastards.

BlockBastards and a new proposal in the Unity game engine

Qudo system explained. Photo courtesy of the Qudo website

The entry of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Unity

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies can gain popularity and acceptance thanks to the community of player But it can also mean an increase in money problems when big companies that deal with technology and these currencies come up.

This way we see how Ubisoft and Square Enix They are two of the largest companies in the industry that deal with blockchain technology and the inclusion of cryptocurrencies so that players can acquire in-game features.

To get solutions and features with Unity, you need to expand further to get more features that benefit both players and businesses. To understand the scale of these partnerships and their potential to reach many actors, 3.3 billion devices on multiple platforms downloaded games running on Unity last year.

A change in the direction of technology and video games

On the other hand João AbrantesThe director of BlockBastards believes developers have focused on cryptocurrency speculation rather than token rewards.

We see that many of the so-called block blockchain games come on the market, in which the gameplay is mainly developed taking into account cryptocurrency speculation. With Qudo, we first want to consider games that were created with pure gaming experiences

Abrantes also commented on what Qudo can offer the industry:

We have already seen on traditional gaming platforms that publications with in-game credit systems tend to make more money. Now it will be even more powerful to offer this kind of chain functions with Qudo

Although Qudo doesn’t have a release date, BlockBastards invites developers to become part of the blockchain.

Suvi Rinkinen, CEO of the Telos Foundation, which manages the Telos blockchain, also promised “A whole new way for developers to make money on the games they create”As the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and gaming industries become more and more important.

Photo courtesy of the Qudo website

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