Blockchain forces against corona virus


The startup turns to blockchain to fight coronavirus

This edition of the Quick News is special because all four news items refer to the same topic, only to different industries. This time, we’ll show how blockchain forces are fighting the corona virus.

A Canadian startup is therefore turning to blockchain to fight the pandemic in its region.

Emerge is a blockchain startup based in Toronto. An application of the public security system called Civitas is launched to support the local authorities.

According to a blog post, the application was designed “to improve security and reduce waiting times in shops. This reduces the likelihood of infection“”

The software program could map unique blockchain records to local government identification numbers. This would allow the authorities to determine whether they are authorized to leave their homes.

When citizens report having coronavirus-like symptoms; You can use the app to determine which days are the safest time to go shopping.

Blockchain can support supply chains in the middle of COVID-19

It is a fact that the COVID-19 pandemic is rocking the major economies. There is growing concern that the global retail and supply chain system could loosen up in a few weeks.

The authors of a report on April 6 to the World Economic Forum argue that blockchain technology is the key to mitigating the effects of such disruptions.

Ziyang Fan, Head of Digital Commerce at the WEF, and Rebecca Liao, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of the SKUChain Blockchain project, claim that the technology can ensure critical transparency of the supply chain in times of normal production as well as in times of crisis. . will use the Telos blockchain to test the corona virus

Genobank is a blockchain project designed to provide consumers with ownership and control over their DNA data. Therefore, attempts are being made to use the forces of the blockchain to improve the fight against the corona virus.

Now he is preparing to launch an app on the EOS-based blockchain platform Telos, with which users can access anonymous tests for corona virus.

According to an announcement, users of the app can also share this information with health organizations. The app is expected to be released this month.

For Daniel Uribe, CEO of Geobank, the main task of the project is to give individuals the opportunity to access corona virus tests privately and securely.

Waves launched a charity campaign against COVID-19

The blockchain project Waves has launched the # CryptoCOVID19 charity campaign to support organizations and funds in need of financial assistance to fight the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Waves has launched a macabre campaign to allegedly raise money for coronavirus help.

The platform has created a group of simulated bets where users can speculate whether the global number of confirmed coronavirus cases has increased or decreased in a given week.

Waves announced the “Charity Campaign”, apparently in support of “Organizations and funds that need financial help to fight the global COVID-19 pandemic“”

In this way, we close this issue of the Quick News to make it clear that the developer community of blockchain technology is actively involved in the fight against the corona virus.


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