In an exclusive interview, Gabriela Genovese, spokeswoman and regional director of Tell stories He talks about his journey into the blockchain world and discusses some of the IOV Labs projects in Latin America.


Gabriela Genovese is the development manager of the entrepreneurial community and Startups from IOV Labs in Latin America. Argentinian nationality, Genovese is a speaker and passionate entrepreneur of art, Technology, communication and innovation. With an extensive academic career and many years of professional experience, the entrepreneur is one of the main references in the Tell stories (Storytelling for commercial purposes) in the region.

Genovese also has a lot of creative skills Responsible for the content management of the Campus party Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, the world’s largest event for technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

In the past, he studied dance and music and specialized in business and management Argentine Catholic University and the IAE. Currently since IOVLabs is dedicated to providing information about the meaning of Internet of Value and promote the introduction of tools based on Blockchain.

In this issue of «Blockchain women»We spoke exclusively to Gabriela Genovese to learn more about her experiences, visions and contributions in the ecosystem Blockchain and cryptographic.

Gabriela Genovese
Gabriela Genovese, entrepreneur in IOV Labs. Image courtesy

Gabriela Genovese arrives Blockchain

During the interview, Gabriela Genovese told the media that her first encounter with technology was in 2015. At that point, she had the opportunity to meet Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar, the CEO and co-founder of IOV Labs. During the annual conference LaBITConf This year, Zaldívar’s speech on the Internet of Valor would have a huge impact on the leader.

It was a long way from there, I looked at the community and I also looked at technology and the ecosystem.

Before 2019, the entrepreneur started to integrate into the project IOV LabsConsultation. In the same year he officially joined the team. Initially he worked on building communities and new target groups, but soon led the development area of Startups y Entrepreneurs. From this position, Genovese reports that he was able to grow in many aspects of his life and work in something that really excited him.

I love to work in general, I like to work, I love meeting interesting, intelligent people who have something to tell from which you can learn. At IOV Labs, this happens to a lot of people I work with. And also with startups and entrepreneurs who refer to us.

I love this technology and I love working on solving world problems that make sense for me and our society..

“”Bitcoin and blockchain have not solved all of the problems“”

For Genovese who described themselves as “motivated by the future of the world“Technology Blockchain aroused great interest. The encounter with this system enabled him to discover his potential for solving problems in different areas of society and human life.

However, the enthusiast has not failed to critically point out that this technology, like any other science, has its limits.

First of all, I always want to say that Bitcoin and blockchain didn’t solve all of the world’s problems, as was known at some point. Solve some important problems, yes: value transfer, capital hoarding, asset tokenization …

Among several of the outstanding advantages of Blockchainadded the enthusiast Technology is “Opening of a new room for decentralized finance and divided economies“” According to the entrepreneur, some of the main problems in the financial sector can find new solutions thanks to this technology. He also added that it is a tool that makes it possible Empower people, give them more freedom and a better quality of life.

IOVLabs fight the pandemic

I think blockchain was born for these moments. Help individuals solve empowerment problems and give each of them more freedom.

Speaking of the pandemic situation, the enthusiast Blockchain meant that The current crisis that COVID-19 has triggered in various sectors is an important opportunity to promote cooperation and generate value within the ecosystem . Although he didn’t stop pointing out “The pandemic will have global economic consequences that profoundly affect our lives“His overall vision was positive.

He used the space to explain the various initiatives he works with IOV Labs “”They base their business on this new scenario“” He points out that there is not much space on the market for companies that do not solve this new problem. But also “because human engagement also works on a societal level based on new opportunities“”

At the organizational level IOVLabs It is actively working on some major projects to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Among them stands out David-19th, an application to track the virus in the population of Latin America. This application was developed in collaboration with the IDB and other technology partners and plans to share data without endangering people’s privacy in order to “mapLocal pandemic.

During the quarantine IOVLabs has moved its free technology education courses and events to its platform on-line. So far, they have broadcast a series of 27 webinars. An initiative that they will continue to promote to promote discussion of the role of digital funding in the current context. Genoveses optimistic tone regarding the pandemic and the potential for Blockchainrepeated the opinion of CEO Gutiérrez Zaldívar, who recently commented in an interview:

We believe that our role in this crisis is to put blockchain technology at the service of new initiatives that are aligned with our vision..

Technological boost in Argentina

In this line, Genovese announced that currently IOVLabs integrates four Startups at a regional level, which will help to overcome some of the difficulties facing the Latin American population and which may worsen as a result of the crisis. One of them is Wayni Mobile, a micro-credit wallet focused on the under-banked population.

Are also included Kilimoa platform for irrigation management in intensive and extensive agriculture; AnchorT, an initiative of Pay Per TicWhat It is developing a platform that makes it easier for states, governments and municipalities to issue digital currencies. y Widow games, Work to tokenize part of its range of virtual games.

For some time now, the organization has been working actively with the Argentine government on project development. Blockchain on a large scale. The Argentine central bank has been working since 2019 IOVLabs when developing a platform based on RSK This facilitates communication between banks.

Also Gasnor, one of the most important natural gas distribution companies in the South American country, announced the start of a pilot project in which it will be used Blockchain for registration and validation in the gas supply chain. In both national projects IOVLabs has worked in partnership with Sabra Group, an Argentina-based software application development company.

Perspective on gender differences

Finally and as in every issue of «Blockchain women»We used the interview to find out the opinions on gender differences within the room. “”The tech industry generally has problems with gender diversity. The crypto ecosystem is no exception“” Genovese highlighted in this regard.

However, he has not failed to point out that the problem of inequality within the industry does not only lead to a lack of participation by women. S.e is a problem of “diversity“He noted contemplating the possibility of other genres beyond the male-female binomial, which has its roots in culture.

In his opinion, the task of building a society that is more open to diversity is the work of all individuals, a process that includes our ability to deconstruct social stereotypes. From the education of our children to the relationship with each other. He also believed that other spaces also contributed to the fight against old paradigms.

I think this curve will flatten out and attack the problem from different perspectives: the entry of new generations into the world of work. Just like this new world, which is based more on the skills learned and developed than on the studied career.

In conclusion, he addedfrom the platform IOVLabs, a group of women developer and engineers fill positions of strategies and implementation, from where they work to scale the organization.

I am optimistic. I see more and more qualified women who find their way in organizations.

Original article by Hannah Estefanía Pérez / DailyBitcoin

Image courtesy of Genovese


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