In recent statements, bitcoin educator and lawyer Andreas Antonopoulos has denied that initiatives like Libra, led by Facebook and an alliance of organizations, and digital currencies issued by central banks (CBDC) could pose a threat. for Bitcoin

The scale project, A payment and digital currency network was reformed days ago to reduce doubt and rejectionby regulators and governments around the world who are striving to become a global currency as central banks weaken They are participating in efforts in each country to discuss whether their digital currencies should be spent or not, to provide new tools in the face of the transformation of payments among other things on the digital environment.

Both initiatives, which many imagine, can mean a competition for acceptance Bitcoin, but as explained Andreas Antonopoulos, while participating in the Podcast from Crypto Lark, not Libra, let alone the CBDCpose a threat to the leading cryptocurrency and ensure the following:

All of these systems, such as Libra, CBDC and other new technologies, lack the basic components that make Bitcoin interesting and different. Bitcoin is a revolutionary, immutable, collaborative, and decentralized public

Antonopoulos claims that These types of initiatives are completely irrelevant to Bitcoin.Because the cryptocurrency has a unique and special approach due to its properties and nature.

For his part, he did not hesitate to point out that after the There is no innovation in CBDC regarding the current monetary systemnoting that the authorities were “Trying to wrap the same pig in new packaging and serve it as something revolutionary, disturbing and new”.

Bitcoin: economic inclusion

Regarding the Bitcoin, Antonopoulos Overall, there were two main streams in the cryptocurrency vision among his supporters, on the one hand economic and monetary perspectiveand on the other hand the thought Bitcoin how an international currency that is accessible to everyone. He says:

The monetary and economic perspective is about solid money, shortages, limited supply and low inflation. The other field sees Bitcoin as an open international currency that is accessible anywhere and at any time without a protection permit and is available to the unbanked, neutral and open, apolitical Internet protocol for economic inclusion

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