The Banco de Venezuela BOD announced on February 14 that it would work with cryptocurrencies. First, offer a service called BOD Crypto Mode.

This was stated by the BOD on its Twitter account::

Western Discount Bank (BOD) History

According to Víctor Vargas Irausquin, President of Grupo Financiero BOD:

“This bank started operating in Maracaibo in July 1957, primarily to boost the commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors in the west of the country.”

The BOD is the first bank in Venezuela to take over this avant-garde. However, international banking has been seducing users with the crypto world for the use of cryptocurrencies for some time. Although it was initially rejected.

The service the BOD is relying on at this point indicates an increasingly dynamic scheme in terms of usability. While customers are able to refer people with whom they conduct frequent transactions on different exchanges.

BSB with cryptocurrencies

This crypto mode consists of the provision of a special attention service in the segment of operations with cryptocurrencies. Expansion of the commercial offer to support the user in his banking procedures.

Western Discount Bank’s (BOD) new service enables customers, exchanges and payment systems to coincide in the same environment.

This proposal integrates it into international trends and includes an agile and dynamic offering in full coexistence with the regulations set by the National Supervision of Cryptoactive Assets and Related Activities (SUNACRIP).

Advantages of the BOD crypto mode

  1. Create a community for operations in BOD.
  2. Unlimited transactions, only between BOD-BOD customers.
  3. Make custom transfers in the behavior of your cryptocurrency operations.
  4. Direct customers with whom you frequently operate to the various exchanges.
  5. Do you have specialized banking advice in addition to supporting the BOD?

In this way, the BOD is activated in crypto mode, thereby diversifying its range of services, adapting it to today’s avant-garde technologies and reconfiguring the financial system.

Something strange about crypto mode

Neither the statement nor the website state which cryptocurrencies can be traded, nor the specific requirements for access to the platform.

New financial services are emerging. Would you dare to use the BSB’s crypto mode?


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