Quarantine is a situation that has prevented many people from enjoying food from a restaurant or mall. However, some of the Burger King locations in Caracas, Venezuela are again offering delivery services. As well as various payment options for their beloved customers, including cryptocurrencies.

Is it possible to buy Quarantined Burger King Caracas?

As mentioned earlier, they have resumed delivery service at Burger King Caracas to continue selling to users who want to buy groceries. However, to use the service you need to go to the official site where you can choose the combo you want to buy.

Buy with cryptocurrencies at Burger King

You can also select other functions, e.g. B. Size, type of soda you want to take, additional and payment methods.

On the other hand, they have often added publications to their official Twitter profile to show that they continue to sell at different locations in the country. This profile can be found as Burger King Vzla, and you can also see some promotions or something similar there.

How do I pay with cryptocurrencies at Burger King?

If you don’t have money for the fast food service, you can also find other options on the site. These include:

When 2020 started, Cryptobuyer also mentioned that they were delighted to start a new trade association. The goal was to accept payments with some cryptocurrencies at Burger King.

Since then it has been possible to pay with cryptocurrencies in some Burgue King stores (only in the Sambil shopping center in Caracas).

As the Cryptobuyer post says, payments with Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, BNB and Tether are now supported.

What menus do you offer and where is the delivery service available?

On the other hand, you need to know that some of the Burger King stores are available, but not all delivery services are available. Many of them do not accept cryptocurrency payments.

For this reason, it must be checked before requesting the service whether payments with crypto are accepted and whether the home delivery service can be carried out.

To get information about the places they deliver to, the official portal must be accessed. There you can see what they have in the menu and the payment methods.

It is worth noting that a fairly extensive menu can be found on their website. There are different types of hamburgers, salads, and meals that usually cost over $ 5. However, this can increase depending on other aspects, e.g. For example: size, non-alcoholic drink you want to bring, additional extras, etc.

Therefore, what is available must be assessed before requesting the service.


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