The analysis company Blockchain, chain analysis, It works with various infrastructure providers to reach new global markets.


April 2020, New York.- Chain analysisThe blockchain analytics company announced the launch of its partner program today. The new partnership program makes it possible Chain analysis Work with leading infrastructure providers to extend digital asset transaction monitoring through easier integrations, with distributors in new global markets, and with data providers to increase information about legitimate and illegal services. that cryptocurrencies use for transactions.

This program underlines the mission of Chain analysis Promote the secure adoption of cryptocurrencies and strengthen trust between financial institutions, governments and businesses for digital assets. Partners include companies that specialize in compliance software, crypto research, as well as training experts, central bank infrastructure, crypto wallet services and more.

Chain analysis and trust

“”Chainalysis is dedicated to building trust in blockchains in both the private and public sectors“Noted Jason Bonds, Director of Revenue for Chain analysisand added:

Our new alliance program will help deliver the research and compliance technology that the crypto ecosystem needs to understand blockchain activities.

“”Our law enforcement users are increasingly looking for cryptographic discovery technologies to help in cases involving criminal and national security risksSaid Lacey Wean, team manager for Chain analysis in Carahsoftthat also occurs as Master government aggregator from Chain analysis.

Chainalysis is the market leader in blockchain analysis and we look forward to working with our reseller partners to provide better access to their research tools..

“”In the APAC (Asia Pacific) market, the authorities have an increased demand for crypto research software“Said Rayson Lim, CFO of M.Tech, a leading provider of cybersecurity and network performance solutions based in Singapore. “”Our partnership with Chainalysis will help us meet this demand.“”

Chain analysis In the coming weeks, a partner directory will be set up with more detailed information about its technical partners and service partners.

over Chain analysis

Chain analysis is an analysis company Blockchain It provides data and analysis for government agencies, stock exchanges and financial institutions in more than 40 countries. His research and compliance tools, training and support strive for transparency across blockchains so that his customers can handle crypto safely.

Endorsed by Accel, benchmark and other leading venture capital firms, Chain analysis Build trust through networks Blockchain.

More information is available at www.chainalysis.com.

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