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Today, April 10, 2020, various reports have shown big bitcoin movements daytime today. In some cases, they have moved from exchanges to personal purses, which could indicate that some whales are unwilling to act at this time, a good indicator of the community. hodl.

Bitcoin’s difficulty level has reached $ 8,000. This could indicate that the miners from Bitcoin cash

In Latin America, some countries are suffering from blackouts, especially now due to problems caused by Covid-19. In Venezuela, the power outages are unfortunately a reality Dash. In this way, the cryptocurrency could continue to circulate in the event of a power outage. The independence of cryptocurrencies from the internet is a great use case in different places around the world.

Still immersed in a world in a Economic crisis that could suffer a deflationary shock because of the general break, Ripple token investors, XRP.

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The main crypto news from April 10, 2020

Ballena moves $ 361 million BTC to many different portfolios for $ 0.50

Ballena Bitcoin

A whale was currently moving $ 49,342 BTC worth $ 361 million at a meager price of $ 0.50. However, some have shown that identical amounts have been circulating in different portfolios recently.

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Other relevant crypto news from April 10, 2020

Cryptocurrency fraudsters use false endorsements from the British royal family

Bitcoin scam

False notices are circulated and attributed to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to promote this Bitcoin and other fraud related cryptocurrency.

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Dash claims that crypto works via SMS with Dash Text without internet


Options for sending cryptocurrencies offline are becoming increasingly popular in the market. In order to adapt to people’s needs or to use and reach wider markets, the Internet is no longer absolutely necessary for the transfer of value.

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According to the study, XRP looks optimistic for more than 95% of investors

XRP on fire

After XRP investors finished the worst Coinmarketcap top 10 token in 2019 with multi-million dollar losses, they appear to be optimistic again and are ready to join 2020 despite the poor forecasts that are raining in the markets to start a positive attitude due to the coronavirus crisis.

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Bitcoin difficulty returns to $ 8,000, the price has yet to be set

Bitcoin hashrate

After his presentation at the conference Conference exchanges In Amsterdam, BeInCrypto asked Josh Goodbody, Director of Growth and Institutional Business at Binance, some questions.

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More than $ 66 million in Bitcoin has been withdrawn on various exchanges

Ballena bitcoin

There are currently large withdrawals from the exchanges that could indicate the possibility of a future sale.

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The global economy is more likely to experience a deflationary shock

Bitcoin Death Economy

The global economic crisis has all the elements of a deflationary shock that has not been seen in decades.

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