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Today, April 7, 2020, the international health day BeInCrypto analyzes how Blockchain will revolutionize the healthcare industry. The World Health Day further emphasizes the importance of health care because it also highlights the current detention situation for Covid-19. In addition to the health consequences, there are also serious economic consequences that the Brazilian central bank prohibits bank dividends focus useful money on loans. Could it be a trend to expand across Latin America?

Given the pandemic, different governments are proposing different measures, including countries like that The UK or Spain are working to launch an application that will track the geolocation of their citizens, all to fight corona virus more effectively, or so they say …

The crypto industry continues to move and the halving of Bitcoin is getting closer tomorrow its younger brother, Bitcoin cash and you can see a real example of the impact that such an event could have. One fact that is clear is that the The cryptocurrency miner industry will experience some changes after this halving, especially those from BCH, which will surely switch to the Bitcoin blockchain.

On the other hand, attention remains on Binance again because a person is accused of denouncing this The controversial exchange has confiscated a million dollars in cryptocurrencies at the moment for no clear reason.

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The main crypto news from April 7, 2020

World Health Day: Will Blockchain Revolutionize the Medical Industry?

Blockchain Health

Blockchain technology was no longer seen as an instrument to decentralize finance, but as technology to revolutionize all sectors. Is the medical industry the next to experience the blockchain boom?

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Other relevant crypto news from April 7, 2020

Tomorrow is Halving Bitcoin Cash: Will It Predict Bitcoin’s Future?

Halve BCH Future

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the world’s fifth largest crypto asset by market cap, will cut its mining rewards in half tomorrow. With the third halving of Bitcoin (BTC), does BCH offer us a preview of the future in just over a month?

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Binance is allegedly accused of stealing $ 1 million from a user

Police Binance

This was definitely not a good month for Binance. An angry customer allegedly accused Binance of misusing $ 1 million in assets, and this time the situation has transcended the social media world and touched the legal arena.

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42,000 BTC were sold at Coinbase for an apparently “mistake” for $ 0.18.


It is still not entirely clear whether the trade actually took place, but a drastic candle recorded on Coinbase Pro sold 42,000 BTC at $ 0.18.

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Urgent: banks announce suspension of dividend payment

Banco Central Bomba Wall Street

The Brazilian central bank announced on Monday that the National Monetary Council (CMN) has decided to temporarily suspend the distribution of dividends within financial institutions, for example to increase the remuneration of its administrative staff.

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BTC miners surrender and it is happening [Opinión]

Mining Bitcoin

Despite the market’s optimistic mood, some believe that the miners’ surrender will lead to strong divergence at this point and there will be hidden sales to the public.

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The UK joins Spain and launches the Anti-COVID-19 location tracking app

Coronavirus Finance

The UK is reportedly considering creating a new corona virus app that can be used to monitor and notify exposed people in real time. China, Spain and now the UK seems to be following the same trend.

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