Highlights of the week include the announcement of Venezuelan actor Fernando Carrillo, who said on April 27 that he would give up his artistic career to devote himself entirely to promoting the supposed FF Token cryptocurrency project.

It is now the main cryptocurrency Average growth of more than 17% this week. At the time of writing, BTC is trading at $ 9,122, according to the CryptoNews price calculator, which is reflected in the market price for Latin America and Spain.

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This is the most outstanding news:

  • Venezuelan actor Fernando Carrillo, cited by the digital media in Mexico, the country he lives in today, expressed his support for FF Token. He explained that the project had potential in his opinion and would become the next Bitcoin over time. The cryptoactive assumption is related to sports wrestling events and a Reality show, known as “Fight to Fame”, where the fans can theoretically support the participants by purchasing the coin.
  • A sudden rise in the price of Bitcoin has made the cryptocurrency the most powerful asset of 2020, surpassing gold, silver and oil. In the past four months Bitcoin’s price has risen by almost a thirddespite the market crash in March, which lost more than $ 4,000 in value. In fact, on April 29, BTC broke the $ 8,000 per unit barrier, which could be interpreted as indicating that the cryptocurrency market is on the rise a few days after the third market. cut in half or reducing the currency issue.
  • On May 1st, the Bitcoin network showed an unusual congestion condition. This raised the average commission per payment to a level that was not achieved throughout the year. This is usually not desirable for users of the major cryptocurrency on the market. The average transaction fee rose to $ 3.40. All year round We hadn’t seen these average commission levels.
  • Andreessen Horowitz’s second cryptocurrency fund (a16z) said he was upset a total of $ 515 millionThis is more than the original goal of $ 450 million for a second fund called “Crypto Fund II”, which deals with cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. That’s more than the $ 300 million raised for the first cryptocurrency equity mutual fund launched in summer 2018.
  • BitFlyer Europe recently released the results of its second cryptocurrency confidence index. This research shows that users in Spain and various countries in Europe are increasingly trusting Bitcoin. BitFlyer notes that European confidence in cryptocurrencies is in full swing despite this year’s Covid 19 pandemic survey increased by 3% compared to 2019.

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Arrangement: Conspiracy, conspiracy. In the cryptocurrency world, this indicates the possibility that network participants can act together or conspire to change the rules to their advantage. It resembles an attack of 51% percent.

Cryptotutorial of the week:

OpenBazaar is an online marketing platform that is based on distributed accounting technology and aims to build a decentralized and open source P2P trading network with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies without additional fees or restrictions of any kind.

Podcast of the week:

Jesús Pérez is the founder of Sersan Sistemas, director of the Digital Assets Institute, a company specializing in algorithmic trading and crypto plaza dedicated to offering first-hand cryptocurrency experiences (in Spain). We’ll talk to him about the market and DeFi.


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