The Chinese decentralized financial platform (DeFi) for loans, Lendf.Me, was attacked on the night of April 18. Hackers have stolen around $ 25 million worth of cryptocurrency. However, on the morning of April 20, the attackers returned part of the stolen money after negotiations.

It is now the main cryptocurrency Average growth of 7.16% this week. At the time of this writing, BTC is quoted at $ 7,809, which is reflected in the market price for Latin America and Spain, according to the CryptoNews price calculator.

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This is the most outstanding news:

  • Mindao Yang, CEO of the dForce Foundation – organization behind Lendf.Me – stated in a blog post on Medium that had started negotiating with the hacker or the people involved in the attack perpetrated against the platform on April 18. The hackers were reportedly lost after several cryptocurrency exchange offices and operators blacklisted the funds, which would have prevented them from managing their stolen capital.
  • The Chilean Investigation Police’s (PDI) cybercrime brigade alerted users to a fraud that resulted from emails requesting ransom in bitcoins. In the meantime, the Spanish Civil Guard is issuing a similar warning regarding a campaign of sexual extortion (Sex torsion) online, where cybercriminals request cryptocurrencies as payment not to publish sexual photos and videos of the victim. In Peru, too, the fraudsters devoted themselves to imitating the president of this country, Martín Vizcarra, to encourage users to invest in Bitcoin and thereby steal the personal data of Internet users.
  • EOS Ecosystem, a wallet app that promised high profits on EOS deposits by users, has closed the platform and its developers seem to have fled at around $ 52 million of user funds according to local reports. On Monday April 20, investors reported that they could not access their accounts through the EOS ecosystem application.
  • Bitcoin network processing speed (Hashrate) has reached record levels with the third approach cut in half Bitcoin. However, the latest generation of mining machinery is monopolized by the Chinese market. In this context Alejandro De La Torre, Vice President of the pool Mining company Poolin said the hash rate is expected to decrease. It agrees with the opinion of several industry experts, those who estimate a decline between 13% and 60%.
  • Businessman Robert Kiyosaki, author of the bestselling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, has continued to support Bitcoin. For the businessman, Bitcoin is “insurance” given the current financial crisis. According to Kiyosaki, the dollar is dying and fiscal agencies like the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury are “totally corrupt.”

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Héctor Cárdenas and Iván Gómez present a new edition of the audiovisual program dedicated to the analysis of key ecosystem news. In this episode, they tell us about the closure and possible reopening of Purse. They also discuss how Bitcoin resists falling oil, how it compares to gold and the stock market, and how Robert Kiyosaki rates Bitcoin.

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Bag holder: It refers to an investor who still has crypto assets after a pump and dump program or who has a crypto portfolio with minimal growth prospects.

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