Didn’t you have time to read what happened in the crypto ecosystem that day? Do not worry, here you can read our nightly report with the most important information of the day. Welcome to the crypto roundup of the day where bitcoin and oil were the main news.

Bitcoin floats on a black day for oil

Black gold has fallen again, this time with a 30% crash in the session. Although oil is an asset that has been placed in great confidence, it has been one of the most affected by the coronavirus effect, as its consumption is expected to decrease sharply.

On the other hand, Bitcoin’s price has maintained a slight upward trend above USD 7,700.

Binance enters the world of mining

Through a press release, Binance postpones its next token whenBinance pool“And start with that in the world of mining. It will work without commission until May 31st.

“The empowerment of miners will enable significant growth and scaling of the industry in general.”, sentenced CZ, CEO of Binance.

From CryptoTrend we ask ourselves: What will Binance’s next step be?

A great one is born: Coinbase Price Oracle

Coinbase Prize Oracle is born, the new Coinbase service that provides the DeFi sector with reliable data in real time.

Decentralized financing is increasingly gaining a place in the financial world. Offering services and skills to investors, which has resulted in more than a billion dollars being found in DeFi services. This is how Coinbase Price Oracle was born, Coinbase’s new DeFi service designed to leverage and promote the expansion of this sector.

Can you be the owner of Bitcoin 100%?

On this occasion, Tone Vays asks what would happen if billionaire Jeff Bezos took all the bitcoins in circulation.

Cryptocurrency trader and Youtuber Tone Vays said that Amazon’s CEO, with a budget of $ 140 billion, couldn’t buy all of the Bitcoins (BTC) in circulation.

Tone Vays concludes with the following consideration:

“Bitcoin is a very small liquid asset. If Bezos tried to buy all available BTC, everyone would start buying Bitcoin, which would further increase the price of the asset. “

Corona virus does not stop blockchain technology

The good news of the day is that, despite the coronavirus pandemic that affects everyone, the blockchain continues to generate new sources of work.

Since January 2020, the percentage of offers for cryptocurrency jobs has increased by 4.77%. Over the course of March 2020, the percentage of job offers for roles related to cryptocurrency increased by 8.73%.

Some of the most requested positions are:

  • Software engineer
  • Analysis manager
  • product manager
  • Technology architect
  • Front end engineer developer

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