The cryptocurrency has a long history of innovation and development. Several key products and features have been released over the years. This time some of the key dash messages this year are detailed.

Since the foundation of the Bitcoin network in 2009 and the associated cryptocurrency (BTC), numerous projects have emerged that try to improve the properties of the most important cryptocurrency on the market. Dash is one of them.

Dash News: Crypto adoption in Venezuela

Now the cryptocurrency created by Evan Duffield continues to grow in the South American market. The growth in the number of dash wallets in Venezuela is one of the most important news that shows the impact of the currency on the economy of the South American nation.

Facilities such as Burger King, Tiendas Gina or Venezuela’s largest department store chain, Tiendas Traki, are just a few of the business premises that have opened the door to cryptocurrency.

The youngest renowned company that could be added to the list is Hotel Eurobuilding, which accepts six cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, and one of them is Dash.

In a country where the infrastructure needs to be supplemented, the payment systems are inefficient and the local currency has become useless as a medium of exchange, the use of cryptocurrencies continues.

Cryptocurrencies will help Venezuelans solve some of their current problems and open opportunities for the times ahead as this ecosystem continues to grow.

Dash Core Group Trust election 2020

As a continuation of the most important news from 2020, the choice of Dash Trust Protectors in 2020 stands out. It is planned for April this year. This applies to the irrevocable Dash DAO trust.

Dash Core’s irrevocable trust ensures that Dash Core Group, the largest organization responsible for cryptocurrency development, is accountable to Dash Network in a number of other ways and not only reimburses them.

The trust is structured so that the cryptocurrency network is the beneficiary. The trust owns 100% of the shares of the Dash Core Group and the trustee ensures that the daily work of DCG follows the best interests of the network.

Platform upgrade

Regarding the main dash messages of 2020. The Dash Core Group (DCG) announced the launch of the updated version of its platform. A major update to their original Evonet platform.

According to a blog post, the update is in line with Blockchain’s promise to release better updates over time.

The post also revealed that the new platform includes the latest cryptocurrency software.

It is expected that not only Evonet, but also individual users will change positively. With the new update, users can test the software in environments other than Dash. You can test it locally or on a private Devnet.

The previous Evonet platform had several areas that needed further development. This update is designed to address issues.

The update aims to significantly improve the overall security of the platform. A main focus is on the improvement of thin clients and the integration of the platform consensus machine in long-life master node quorums (LLMQ).

The blog post also claimed that all data from the previous Evonet was removed. He urged all developers to delete any data they may have stored on other personal storage devices, making them one of the most relevant dash messages of late.

More Dash news

Dash was launched on January 18, 2014 and quickly developed new features that focus on speed, privacy, and usability. This makes it ideal for use as a digital currency.

Designed to provide financial freedom and shape the future of payments for people around the world. Dash has an ambitious roadmap and a proven delivery history.

The cryptocurrency was developed to support real use cases and is designed to offer a fully decentralized payment solution. Users can buy products from thousands of retailers and exchange them on major exchanges and brokers worldwide.

Dash has introduced features such as since its inception in 2014::

Two-level network with incentive nodes and decentralized project management (masternodes), immediately processed payments (InstantSend), immediately unchangeable blockchain (ChainLocks) and optional data protection (PrivateSend). At the time of writing, the cryptocurrency was trading for $ 71.65, ranking 20th in CoinMarketCap.


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