According to a report by CoinATMradarMarch 2020 is the month with the largest number of ATMs Bitcoin ATM open to the world: 396.


Economic reports as a result of the coronavirus pandemic continue to be disappointing IMF In a recent report, he expressed that this is undoubtedly the largest economic crisis in the world in almost a hundred years, the largest since then The Great Depression this happened in 1929. In fact, he already baptized it: he called it The great detentionPrecisely because the main cause of the debacle is that the population must seek protection in their homes so that the number of victims of COVID-19 does not continue to grow. By April 21, 2020, there were already over 2.5 million people infected worldwide and 171,000 people lost their lives after becoming ill with the virus.

The prices of Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies are also affected by the crisis. In fact, the main digital currency, which came at sports prices above $ 10,000 in mid-February, is around $ 7,000 today, even less. Although traditional equity markets have underperformed after some analysis.

The number of Bitcoin ATMs worldwide is increasing

In this pessimistic panorama, however, it is striking the increase in the number of crypto ATMs installed worldwide. March was the month of the most productive ATMs: 396 ATMs were installed on the planet. The highest report for a previous month was 345 ATMs in December 2019, a value that remained more or less similar in January and February 2020.

Monthly calendar for ATMs
The monthly volume of ATMs framed in blue are the months December 2019 to April 2020. The highest month is March. picture of CoinATMRadar

This graphic clearly shows that the number of ATMs installed per month has increased significantly in the past 4 months. In fact, the monthly number in 2019 can double compared to many months.

However, April does not appear to be in the same phase. By April 21, 210 ATMs had been installed, and if they continue to multiply at the current speed, they will not reach 300.

According to the report by CoinATMradar, ATM installation speed Today there are 8.6 ATMs a day. It is far superior to reports from previous years when the daily average was between 3 and 6 ATMs per day. In June 2019, when the number reached 5,000 ATM Bitcoin For example, the installation speed in the world was 6.3 ATMs per day.

Crypto Atm Radar
Number of ATMs installed per day. picture of CoinATMradar

ATMs in the world and in Latin America

According to the April 21 report, there are 7,631 Bitcoin ATMs worldwide CoinATMradar. Latin America continues to lag behind when installing this technology. According to the report, 81.1% of existing ATMs are located in North America (almost all of them in the United States, which currently has 5,614 BTC ATMs). Europe followed with a volume of 16%, Asia with 1.7% and South America with only 0.8% of the ATMs. In Africa and Oceania they only reach 0.2% of the world volume.

In South America, Colombia (with 58 ATMs) is the country with the most ATM movements, followed by Argentina (11), Chile (4), Peru and Ecuador (3 each).

Spain continues to rank fifth in the world with 84 crypto ATMs.

Data Source: CoinATMRadar

Article by ME Martínez / DailyBitcoin

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