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The blockchain-based fantasy soccer game Sorare will include Diego Maradona as one of his digital collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain.

Maradona was added to Sorare Thanks to an association that the Argentine association Gimnasia de La Plata made with the platform. The association grants Sorare a license to issue club collectibles. Therefore, 111 Maradona cards are issued: 1 unique, 10 super rare and 100 rare coach cards in a limited edition. The cards are non-consumable tokens (NFT) based on the ERC-721 standard.

According to Sorare, Gimnasia de La Plata is the first club in South America to grant Sorare its player licenses and coaching rights, according to a statement sent to CryptoNews.

The trainer will play a key role in Sorares crypto collectibles. Source: screenshot.

They also found that Maradona will be the first trainer card issued for the platform. These types of letters are useful for users because they allow it Add bonuses and unlock new game features.

New ways of monetization

As explained by Sorare from his Twitter account, the pre-sale of Maradona’s tickets and the team players starts on May 21st. This will add Gimnasia de La Plata to the list of clubs added to the platform. Juventus, Atlético Madrid, Spartak de Moscow, Olympique de Lyon, Porto and 50 other clubs are on this list.

Regarding the deal, Sorare CEO Nicolas Julia said the following:

Gimnasia de La Plata is one of the oldest football clubs in Argentina. We are proud and excited to have it as the first South American club in Sorare. Adding Maradona’s trainer card to Sorare also opens up new opportunities for the game. Developing a global fantasy football game is an important step in our vision.

Nicolas Julia, CEO of Sorare.

Sorare explains that In the past few weeks, users have received unique cardsand collect an amount of more than USD 2,000. The platform uses the Ethereum blockchain to ensure that every digital card is authentic, traceable, and scarce.

In this context, Noberto Gobbi, Trade and Marketing Director of Gimnasia La Plata, said that the new digital tools are not just a great opportunity for Gimansia offer fans new opportunities for interaction, but also new sources of monetization.

In this new scenario of sports marketing, the opportunity to use (the resources) for the benefit of the institution, our partners and fans offers us clear added value. That is why we are the first club in Latin America to be part of the Sorare community and to join the most important clubs in the world. Together we hope to generate new campaigns, provide entertainment opportunities for our followers and continue to position ourselves as an innovative technology club.

Noberto Gobbi, trade and marketing director of Gimnasia La Plata.

It is not the first time that Maradona has become a collector’s item on a blockchain platform. CryptoNews reported on February 11 that Panini America auctioned the Maradona letter with a private / closed blockchain to expand its business model Souvenirs Sports.


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