In 5 years, global grocer Dole hopes to have reformed its product tracking system using blockchain technology

Dole Food Company will try to implement blockchain technology to gradually track their food over the next 5 years to redesign their food security goals by 2025

Dole is one of the largest fruit and vegetable dealer in the worldand plans Improve food security by 2025by a Redesign of the entire Dole system based on blockchain technologyafter a report Posted by CoinDesk.

The goal of Doleis the blockchain product label and that “Traceability Solutions” for its businesses in tropical fruits, fresh vegetables and other diversified productsas the report explains.

Mainly problems in the supply chain in the removal of contaminated products are identified. At this stage of the solution Dole advances in alliance with IBM Food Trust, one of the most commonly used blockchain tools in the food industry for product tracking.

Dole, the 2025 target, almost 3 years after starting experimenting with distributed ledgers, as a member of the Food Blockchain Consortium of IBM Food Trust. In the report, Dole pointed out that eventually “They will further clarify their supply chain with scannable vegetable packaging and show the path of the products from the farm to the store.”.

Blockchain shortens the time to conduct food security surveys. Products that are registered with Blockchain can be tracked immediately in the supply chain, an option that “Gives retailers and consumers confidence in the event of a recall”You explain.

Dole had already used the sTrack your fruit and vegetable supply chain and share data with your customers and retailersEven though they have privacy on their platform to prevent retailers from seeing their competitors’ data.

The members of the consortium Walmart and IBMWork with us Dole For “Achieve a radical change in food security”, one of the fundamental points behind the grocer’s initiative.

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