Elon Musk was again the center of controversy over his social media posts that affected Bitcoin. Today, the tech genius has spawned 2 new threads and the crypto market has responded.

Very expensive Tesla shares and very cheap Bitcoin

The first of these two controversies on Twitter is directly related to the world’s most advanced automaker Tesla and the price of Bitcoin. Since his CEO and principal owner of the shares, Elon Musk, posted a tweet, he ironically warned that Tesla’s shares were very high.

“The price of Tesla shares is very high in my opinion.”.

Immediately afterwards, Tesla’s share price fell more than 12%, or $ 12 billion. Emphasize that Bitcoin has responded to this event.

The answer that interests us on this occasion comes from the crypto ecosystem. Immediately afterwards, the @ Bitcoin Twitter page, which has nothing to do with cryptocurrency, replied that the price of Bitcoin was very low.

The Bitcoin price is very low in my opinion.

While in the traditional world, the fall of Tesla’s share prices made Elon Musk a victim of new attacks. In the Cryptoverse, several characters supported the honesty of the South African genius and also the song “The price of Bitcoin is IMO very low (in my opinion)“”

Musk will sell all of his physical possessions, including his BTCs?

In the second controversy sparked by PayPal’s co-developer, Tesla and SpaceX published their plans to sell all of their physical possessions on Twitter. And he immediately got the same question from Crypto Twitter: will Elon Musk sell his bitcoins too?

I sell all of my physical possessions. I will not own a house.

In February 2019, Musk announced that it only had 0.25 BTC. Selling all of your physical possessions would include selling your bitcoins? Or does Elon Musk, who is a billionaire, really have so few BTCs?

In the unlikely event that Musk chooses Bitcoin to save all his wealth after selling his possessions, he would have to find a way to get around $ 39 billion in digital assets.

Suppose you can purchase all of this amount of money without increasing the price of BTC. With that amount, you could purchase 4.3 million Bitcoin, making it the second largest Hodler of all that Satoshi Nakamoto may outperform.


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