The milestone reached last week and it was announced today: The first block (Genesis block) in the test network (tests) of Ethereum 2.0 was successfully extracted and validated


Ethereum 2.0 last week the expected start this year came one step closer first successful extraction and validation of a Genesis block in your test network or tests.

This has been reported by the media Coinnounceand adds that people who have a large number of tokens will be rewarded with transaction verification fees under the participation model.

First Ethereum 2.0 block (Genesis block) successfully extracted / validated. Source: Reddit

Ethereum 2.0: first block in tests successfully extracted and validated

Ethereum 2.0 It replaces the current proof-of-work consensus mechanism for creating blocks. Now the computationally intensive method that is currently being used is replaced by proof of use, in which large amounts of computing power are optimally usedsaid Coinnounce.

The store also reported that this is expected Ethereum 2.0 be a lot faster and scalable after its launch, expected to be scheduled for July this year. Vitalik Buterin already explained this in 2019 Ethereum 2.0 changes the way you program smart contracts.

The improved scalability is achieved through the implementation of the so-called “shardsOr fragmentation process.

Shards, Innovation by Ethereum 2.0

The process of “shardsOr fragmentation divides the network Ethereum on smaller knots. The goal is to process more transactions than now in the network. Prysmatic Labs, an engineering team that works in Ethereum 2.0, threw he tests Ethereum 2.0 Topaz In mid April the tests previous call sapphire.

The middle DeCrypt he finally said topaz will give way to a final test network. Known as diamondThe final test network represents the release version of the consensus client Ethereum of Prysmatic.

A. tests Allows developers to test the stability and functionality of a blockchain before it is released. topaz uses the same core network configuration that is scheduled for the first start of Ethereum 2.0 and requires validators to set all 32 ETH Packages that are required for the Core 2.0 network.

Buterin spoke

The co-founder of describes further test plans for the future EthereumVitalik Buterin tweeted:

Main network configuration eth2 testnet.

Please note that it is unlikely that it is ‘THE Multiclient Testnet ™’ as we are likely to do a restart or two soon to see more ways to test the Genesis mechanism. Still great progress and excellent work from Prysmatic Labs.

Last month DailyBitcoin reported that the security adviser Least authority an audit completed Ethereum 2.0 and praised its specifications “well thought through“Although with a few important weaknesses.

It should be noted that in recent years the founders of EthereumVitalik Buterin and Joseph Lubin had admitted they knew that Ethereum It was never designed for scalability. This is despite different documents. Vitalik and Lubin were criticized by the crypto community after admitting this.

To DeCrypt, the first start of the mainnet Ethereum 2.0 It will unfold gradually over six graded phases. This will introduce the changes found in the review.

Sources: Coinnnounce, DeCrypt, Reddit, Twitter

Report by Arnaldo Ochoa / DailyBitcoin.

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