Exodus will soon be able to mine Monero – cryptocurrency


Technology giant HTC’s Exodus can be configured so that its users can mine the Monero cryptocurrency (XMR) through an application called DeMiner.

Similarly, Phil Chen, decentralized CEO at HTC, said this app Make mining profitable.

To take this important initiative, HTC has partnered with the chip design company ASIC. Midas laboratoriesand it is expected that DeMiner will have a good acceptance in the market for virtual currencies that can take action in the EU second quarter of the year.

With the design of this application, you can automatically disable mining Every time the phone is used regularly or when the charger is not connected.

With this in mind, Phil Chen categorically affirms that this new DeMiner application would help decentralize mining and make it increasingly “profitable.” Chen explained that:

«The world of cryptocurrencies is threatened by the dominance of the hashrate by the giants Mining pools. The most effective way to solve this problem is to make mining accessible to the masses, using a cell phone. This app makes mining of smartphones profitable, offers incentives for individual miners and helps to decentralize the network »

Differences to computers

Calculations that are broken down on computers called laptops are not profitable because a standard laptop can extract XMR equivalents $ 0.06 daily through spending 65 W. Power that’s about $ 0.156 daily Based on these calculations in the United States, which vary from country to country, this means that mining is not profitable in this way, which is why this innovative application makes mining significantly more profitable and popular, according to Midas Labs.

With this new app system in Exodus, at least users would be saved 50% of the cost what must contain for exploitation so far.

In addition, Midas Labs secured an unpublished amount from Chen’s venture capital company. Proof of capital.

“I am very pleased with our investment in Midas Labs, which use first-class semiconductor design in the field of mobile mining. The important thing is that his team is fundamental to promoting decentralization and creating a more inclusive monetary and financial system. »Chen said.

HTC has taken several initiatives related to crypto and blockchain. Last year it released its Exodus 1, which can run a full Bitcoin node. In addition, HTC and Binance released a limited edition of the same mobile phone at the end of last year.

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