News of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and reports of how it will affect the economy and how it may lead to a recession due to the health crisis are of increasing concern worldwide. The full impact of the extreme slowdown and virtual closure of many companies remains to be seen. To talk about this context, the team that hosts the podcast En Consenso de CriptoNoticias invited Jesús Pérez Sánchez, founder of Sersan Sistemas, an algorithm trading company and CEO of Crypto Plaza, a place that offers cryptocurrency experiences .

With more than 20 years of experience in the financial environment, Pérez Sánchez assures that he has lived through several crises that have enabled him to develop creative thinking for difficult times. From their experiences, we extracted some of their recommendations to put together a kind of Financial resources that every citizen can take into account to deal with this crisis presented as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and all others that may occur in the future. To listen to the full podcast, click here.

No panic

Jesús Pérez Sánchez’s first recommendation relates to the emotional part, an element he considers important to deal with any financial crisis. In this context, he notes that when you are in the midst of a crisis, like a COVID-19 product, people often think that this is the end of the world It is important to think as rationally as possible and make decisions. Live the experience and learn from it. “In the end we will see that everything happens. I think in two years when we see that, everything will probably be solved. Of course we will have had a very bad time because this crisis is difficult, but I think if we can get out of it, “he said.

Don’t panic, in the midst of the COVID 19 crisis, it is necessary to think rationally and make decisions. Source: Willfried Wende / pixabay.com

When assessing risk, citizens can take into account that Pérez Sánchez’s Bitcoin is not much to worry about in an investment crisis, as the pioneering cryptocurrency is currently showing that it can withstand the moments. difficult, especially now when it breaks the trend of other stock markets.

“I think that even the current moment of markets and measures that governments have to take somehow favors this part of the Bitcoin discourse. For the crypto part, I don’t see any reason given the crisis that gave me reasons, the long term Change thesis on Bitcoin, and in terms of the markets there and with much more important considerations In terms of other things, when there are many other uncertainties that we have to solve, such as what company we will have after the corona virus ? “

Jesús Pérez Sánchez, director of Crypto Plaza

Concentrate in the long term

The CEO of Crypto Plaza believes that it is necessary to concentrate in the long term, as it can be an optimistic scenario that effective solutions in the economy will be reactivated in three or four months and even then there is talk of an economic crisis large. He believes it will take about 2 years for the improvements to become apparent. He adds that it is positive that the world is learning to work remotely, and he also believes that local businesses are being developed and that in this way it may be possible to produce even more than before that the world from COVID -19 pandemic is affected. He is also convinced that another positive element that will draw mankind out of this crisis is that it will learn to deal with pandemics.

Mrs. Pandemi Coronavirus Virus Disease
Caption: A plan to overcome the COVID 19 crisis begins with the understanding that it will take at least two years for improvements to become apparent. Source: Ursula Schneider / pixabay.com

Do not put all eggs in the same basket

Given a possible loss of income, it is best to attack with planning. For this reason, Pérez Sánchez recommends using the crisis to find out what decorrelation is and when We integrate different products into a portfolio that behave differently or develop in different ways given certain market behavior.

“When there is a crisis, there is generally a lot of uncertainty and the markets react strongly to the soil. Therefore, you should have things that benefit from volatility, such as an asset that decorrelates with the stock market. Bitcoin should probably have some kind of de-correlation in inflation crises, but the dollar may be different. One should try to have a little bit of everything, to have all assets and to have the best, if it is a stock exchange, to have the best companies; If you have cryptocurrency, you have the best cryptocurrency. Do not put all eggs in the same basket. “

Jesús Pérez Sánchez, director of Crypto Plaza.

Use competitive advantages

For the CEO of Crypto Plaza Bitcoin is a technological advance, a competitive advantage that is so great that the world is unlikely to use it in the futureespecially now that humanity is forced to become more and more digital. He also commented on the relevant role that Bitcoin has played, which, along with gold, represents the assets that have behaved best in the face of the crisis.

Remember that there are financial services that are on hand and that are said to be unstoppable. This will be relevant at a time like this, according to Jesús Pérez Sánchez, for whom anyone with a mobile phone will soon be able to access a range of basic financial services via the Internet. This utility sees it as one of the great proposals of the revolution that started cryptocurrencies. So believes that decentralized funding will emerge stronger from the current crisisBecause depicting such a strong innovation will no longer be able to stop it because it is a technological advance that represents a competitive advantage and the countries that are trying to stop it will be left behind.

On the subject Take advantage of the competitive advantages of financial systems that human technology providesPérez Sánchez points out: “The cryptocurrency as a cryptocurrency is a very important technological basis. I think Bitcoin is the best option today. I think investing in decentralized cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is the best deal. “

On the other hand, there are some keys that can help to understand the extent of the economic impact that the COVID-19 pandemic will leave the crisis. For this reason, CryptoNews has prepared an article that provides data to assess the prospects to come. in the future.


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