Fold joined Visa Fintech Fast Track


Fold, a mobile shopping app that supports the Bitcoin Lightning Network, has joined Visa’s Fintech Fast Track program.

Membership in the Fintech Fast Track program allows the application to introduce a new Visa brand card. At the same time, Bitcoin rewards will continue to be offered for purchases from retailers.

Fold is a mobile shopping app that supports the Bitcoin Lightning Network so users can withdraw money from external Bitcoin wallets. Now, with the support of Visa’s Fast Track program, Fold can achieve greater opportunities.

Fold users receive a reward in Bitcoin

Now Fold founder Will Reeves conducted a survey.

It showed that 90% of the 30,000 fold users would exchange their existing card for a card with Bitcoin rewards for dollars spent.

For his part, he indicated that the waiting list for the fold card, which will be sent from July, is already open.

Overall, companies that help retail users accumulate Bitcoin have generally performed well throughout the market downturn.

According to Reeves, the goal of this new card is to hit consumers. In addition, users can collect Bitcoin and use it in their daily life.

Visa grants Coinbase membership

The bank card giant Visa has granted its main membership to Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency companies.

This membership eliminates a crucial and costly debit card issuer that allows users to spend their own Bitcoin, Ether and Ripple wherever Visa is accepted.

Fold also enabled its users to collect Satoshis through currency and Bitcoin purchases from major retailers such as Amazon, Uber, Starbucks and, with users receiving more rewards on Bitcoin purchases.

The field of crypto debit cards continues to grow. Promising users will have a more flexible and familiar “legacy” interface to access and access cryptocurrencies. Now with Fold as an ally to spread the use of crypto.

Most importantly, however, because of its core membership, Coinbase is the first cryptocurrency company to issue debit cards, including other digital currency companies and more traditional companies.

Fold will certainly not be the last team to examine Bitcoin-related credit cards. The Kraken exchange examined a Visa card program such as Coinbase or Fold.


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