Important facts:
  • Initiatives from Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Colombia were selected from more than 250 proposals.

  • The 18 finalists will be advised and compete for prizes worth $ 21,000.

The CeloCamp acceleration program for projects related to Distributed Accounting Technology (DLT) or Blockchain has selected four projects from Latin America to reach the final phase of their call for 2020.

The initiatives Air Protocol from Mexico, Lovecrypto from Brazil, SharpShark from Chile and TRUSTartup from Colombia were selected Integrate the last set of 18 proposals, which will be discussed for eight weeks and will compete for $ 21,000 prizes. The bag will be distributed at a prize of $ 10,000 for the winning team, $ 5,000 for second place, and three prizes of $ 2,000 for three other teams.

The 18 finalists, selected from more than 250 blockchain initiatives from around the world, will receive virtual advice starting Monday, April 20 and run through June 15.

“The goal of the camp is to help these teams build effective and sustainable businesses within the Celo ecosystem and bring massive crypto acceptance to the world,” the organization said in a statement announcing the finalist groups .

Consulted about his choice by CryptoNews, Mauricio Tovar of TRUSTartup, stated that the project aims to improve privacy and confidence in using the InternetUse of blockchain and cryptography through zero knowledge tests. This is due to the interest of governments and international companies to control personal data.

“This affects citizens’ privacy. Therefore, we explored how blockchain and crypto can be used to provide services that address these issues. The concrete suggestion is to run human tests (Proof of humanity), which can be confirmed by a humanity hash verification area created by the interaction of users with the sensors of their mobile devices that were previously registered on the blockchain, “said Tovar.

The entrepreneur emphasized that the idea is to demonstrate that there are people behind a screen without having to know their identity. “Instead of sharing personal information, (encrypted) privacy protection evidence is shared, all based on user behavior,” he added.

In the case of Air Protocol, it is a decentralized platform for the exchange of cryptocurrencies between P2P peers. Lovecrypto is an application that allows you to receive rewards for performing tasks on the Internet while SharpShark is a service from time stamp to protect copyright and intellectual property.

Accelerator programs for projects related to distributed accounting technology have been common since then There are several applications for distributed records such as food traceability, digital identity and document certification.amongst other things.

Companies like Telefónica recently announced through their accelerator Wayra that they are looking for established blockchain projects in Latin America to fund their development. It was also announced in Argentina in early April that Startups Blockchains could participate in counseling programs and form networks with other companies in this area.


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